World Risks Starvation Due To the Pandemic

Under Developed Countries with Refugees Expected To Suffer Most

Under Developed Countries Expected To Suffer Most from This Pandemic

Due to COVID-19, more than 2,604,718 individuals have been infected since its outbreak in Mainland China five months ago. Since the outbreak has spread across the world, people have been stuck inside their homes except for essential travel. The world risks starvation due to the pandemic of COVID-19 as the food supply has become scarce in some regions across the globe due to the reduction if production and supply of food products.

Food Supply across the World

Unless the United Nations take some swift action to solve the issue, the world risks starvation due to the pandemic of more than a quarter of a billion people inhabited across the world. It also has the tendency to convert into a humanitarian crisis if not provided with food immediately.

It has been estimated that 265 million individuals worldwide will suffer from acute food insecurity by the end of 2020, which will double the number of statistics from last year. Millions of people are already hanging by a thread due to food supply and availability issues. The undergoing world risks starvation due to the pandemic is due to the closure of all businesses, as many people could only get food after getting their daily wages.

Global hunger has become one of the biggest consequences of COVID-19 pandemic among increased death rates and unemployment. World risks starvation due to the pandemic as some of the poorest countries have reached the point where sick people are treated for COVID-19, later to die due to hunger.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole wide world from climatic shocks to economic instability, along with the increasing issue of increasing world hunger and malnutrition stimulated further by the infection. The whole world risks starvation due to the pandemic as the food prices have risen in multiple regions across the globe and could have a drastic impact on society along with widespread political upheaval.

Donations for Food supply

Multiple small organizations in various regions across the world have begun giving free food to those people who would not afford to have during the COVID-19 pandemic due to closure of many public houses and restaurants, which is a small initiative to prevent as world risks starvation due to the pandemic.

The food experts are worried regarding the donations set to receive from multiple developed nations across the globe as the donations have just begun to arrive, which are needed urgently in the region to be immediately shipped to the particular humanitarian relief center situated in the worst affected areas of COVID-19. The delivery system is being controlled by air, as ground travel is currently restricted in multiple areas of the world to prevent further transmission of the infection.

According to the estimate calculated by the World Food Programme, $350 million are required to prevent world hunger as the world risks starvation due to the pandemic. Those countries which are most affected during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis are more likely to develop food supply chain disruptions in the near future. Particular concerns are being raised on the 79 million refugees and displaced people across the world that does not have any source of income and disruption-free food supply.

The reduction is available labor force is being experienced as more people are falling ill and is causing direct strain on food production. Protective measures in the form of increased pricing of food products have been implemented in some parts of the world. The rising unemployment worldwide has majorly affected the purchasing power of the general population, driving more hunger in the areas that might lead to world risks starvation due to the pandemic.

In some areas of the world, the production of staple crops is good, but the transport and supply disruption plays a major role in the reduction in resources of food products. Under developed countries are ready for the full impact of COVID-19 due to the already improper health care system along with the economic recession of the countries.

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