Second Wave of COVID-19 May Be Even More Devastating: CDC Director

Social Distancing Should Be Followed Amid Reopening of the Country

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It is being expected that the second wave of COVID-19 may be even more devastating than the first one, which started on November 17, 2019, in Mainland China and is still ongoing. This statement has been given by the current Center for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield as a warning for all of the general population on Earth after it has been planned by President Trump to reopen the country. Multiple countries have also reopened in Europe and Asia as the new COVID-19 patient count has decreased as compared to before.

Second Wave OF COVID-19 across the world

The second wave of COVID-19 may be even more devastating and chaotic than the effects of the first wave, from which multiple countries have not been able to recover back. According to the CDC director, there is a huge possibility that the issues the United States is facing right now will repeat itself again in the next winter season and will be twice deadly as compared to the current situation.

There is a huge possibility that the second wave of COVID-19 may be even more devastating as the massive patient count will contain both flu patients and COVID-19 patients, which would provide multiple hindrances in the treatment procedure. This could provide massive strain on the health care system and could potentially destroy it as simultaneously having two respiratory diseases can cause an enormous compilation of issues while treating the patients.

The first wave of COVID-19 has already caused more than 46,147 deaths across the United States, along with its immense pressure on the Health care facilities due to limited medical supplies available along with free ventilators required for the treatment of the infection, due to which it is believed that the second wave of COVID-19 may be even more devastating than the first one.

It is being advised by the Center of Disease Control to postpone the reopening of the country as it might become the cause of the resurgence of COVID-19 and this second wave of COVID-19 may be even more devastating as the medical hospitals and equipment are already under usage by the patients of COVID-19 as the number of infected patients has surpassed 2,604,718 across the world.

Reopening of United States

Across the United States, the stay at home orders is being lifted as the country is entering the first phase of the reopening of the nation, required to prevent chaos and havoc that would occur by opening the whole country at the same time. The United States has been under the state of a lockdown or the past five weeks, which was a necessary preventive measure to limit the number of infected COVID-19 patients.

Even if the country has removed the implementation of lockdown, there is still huge importance in following social distancing, as it can prevent further transmission of the infection. The country is also trying to identify more patients with contact tracing across the country. By following these significant protocols, it could prevent larger outbreaks in the United States, as the second wave of COVID-19 may be even more devastating.

Even though there have been several recent protests against stay at home orders, President Trump is trying to partially reopen the country in multiple phases that would help prevent permanent closure of small businesses and shops. Food supply chain, including restaurants, has been incompletely open, as these businesses offer the facility of delivery and take away to limit the exposure of people outside required to limit transmission of COVID-19 across the country as 829,013 people have already been infected since February.

The CDC has issued a complete set of guidelines and provided to all local government authorities regarding the reopening of the country, which is required to prevent further transmission of infection as the second wave of COVID-19 may be even more devastating.

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