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The Guardian view on Boris Johnson and ‘partygate’: all played out | Editorial

In the days when he combined the job of Tory MP with editing the Spectator magazine, Boris Johnson was forced to go to Liverpool to apologise following the publication of a gratuitously offensive editorial about the city. Later, revealing his true feelings, he derided the episode as “Operation Scouse-grovel”. But the faux-contrition did the trick. In his biography of Mr Johnson, the journalist Andrew Gimson writes: “The Liverpool debacle did no lasting damage. It amused a great number of people and made him even more…

Why are ministers obsessed with teaching children to read using phonics? | Alice Bradbury

Over the last decade the way in which children are taught to read in primary schools in England has fundamentally changed. The teaching of reading is now dominated by phonics, or more accurately “synthetic phonics”, where the focus is on teaching children the connection between phonemes (sounds) and letters. This teaching of the alphabetic code has always been part of learning to read, but our new research suggests it now dominates, to the exclusion of a more balanced approach involving reading whole texts and…

How will the great wrecker Boris Johnson break himself out of this hole? | Marina Hyde

Dignity-wise, I see the Johnson administration has moved to the stage of a man in a dirty tracksuit saying he’ll do a polygraph. Dominic Cummings’ insistence that the prime minister is lying, and that he’ll swear to it, makes you wonder if Sue Gray is really the person to run the inquiry into Downing Street parties. In many ways Jeremy Kyle has the more relevant experience, though of course it would be the first time the presenter had stood in judgment on people lavished with every possible economic,…

Does Boris Johnson expect his half-baked policy wheezes to soothe public anger? | Gaby Hinsliff

When all else fails, send in the big guns. Or rather, pretend to. In the 1997 American satire Wag the Dog, a devious president invents a fictional war with Albania to distract voters from an embarrassing sex scandal. And by shamelessly whipping up a patriotic storm, he almost gets away with it. While Boris Johnson has thankfully stopped short of declaring a war, he appears to be offering wobbling Conservative voters the next best thing: Operation Red Meat, involving threats to deploy the RAF and the navy…

As Biden Relaxed Pressure, Iran Took Advantage

Jeremy Ben-Ami has been an opponent of pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran and a supporter of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. That 2015 deal, with nuclear and missile restrictions that sunset between 2023 and 2031, gave Tehran patient pathways to nuclear weapons and the intercontinental missiles to deliver them. In his letter “Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran” (Jan. 14), Mr. Ben-Ami attacks us personally, but we all want a nuclear-free Iran so let’s look, instead, at the facts. His main argument is that…

Benefits of Fasting During Ramadan

One of the best Benefits of Fasting During Ramadan is the boosting of the immune system of the body, which is very beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic as the virus directly affects the body’s immune response. Recently, studies have shown that fasting reduces the amount of general inflammation inside the cells of the body, resulting in the boosting of the autoimmune system.

Religion Might Be Helping To Fight Against COVID-19

In some areas of the World, religion might be helping to fight against COVID-19, but it has also become the cause of the further spread of infection. The rapid spike in South Korea’s coronavirus cases was traced back to a Church meeting. In Malaysia, hundreds of Muslims acquired the coronavirus after attending prayers at the Mosque.

Fasting Safely During COVID-19 Crisis in Ramadan

For fasting safely during COVID-19 crisis in Ramadan, a proper healthy food diet should be followed to have adequate energy levels throughout the day. Food products containing a high amount of macronutrients and micronutrients will keep the energy levels of the body for daily activates.