A survey shows young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave the valley

Kashmiris are angry for being under lockdown for more than 200 days

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India has made many attempts to capture Kashmir and mark it as its property since 1945, but all had failed until the most recent one, which started last year. India has already sent more than 500,000 troops to be stationed in Kashmir to suppress the public and increase fear in the region’s environment.

Later last year, the government of India ten more than tens of thousands of additional soldiers to the area that was used to publicly humiliate and traumatize the people living in Kashmir by which young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave the valley and let the public live in peace.

Due to the revolutionary behavior of Kashmiri’s in the last couple of years, the Indian government increased the number of its armed forces in the area, which includes the closing of all schools, colleges, universities, corporate offices, marketplaces, and is giving the impression of martial law.

It also consists of no mobile or internet services to eliminate communication with the outside world. The whole of Kashmir is under lockdown for more than 200 days. This lockdown was imposed on August 5, 2019, and is yet to be removed.

Survey conducted in Kashmir about young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave the valley

According to a recent survey which was conducted in Kashmir, more than 90% of young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave the valley. The survey was conducted by students of multiple colleges and universities that are located in the area in Kashmir that is administered by Indian troops.

Around 600 colleges and universities took part in the survey that was conducted by researchers belonging to Central University of Kashmir and Skidmore College in New York after the decision made by the Indian government to revoke the status of the Muslim majority regions.

Fearing, the people might revolute against the government, India decided to send additional soldiers along with cutting off the Internet supply in the region. Indian forces have been fighting for over thirty years over the dispute of Kashmir’s independence, its mergence with Pakistan along with laying claim to the Himalayan mountain range.

International views regarding this behavior

Young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave the valley as Kashmir has been called the most militarized area of the world as Indian armed forces have been deployed in the area since the eruption of an armed rebellion which happened in 1989.

United Nations, along with many other human rights organizations, have condemned this behavior by the Indian government. This act is in direct violation of the systemic human rights against the people living in Kashmir. Indian armed troops are causing widespread massacres, trauma, torture, rape, and disappearance of people living in the area. They have to lead to the decision that young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave the valley.

Voice of Kashmiris

The whole populations of the region, including young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave the valley. According to the Indian government, Kashmir is an integral part of India, but Kashmir’s demand is to conduct a plebiscite that would let the people choose either to merge with India or Pakistan and considers India as a dominating power that has not been good to Kashmiris.

Many of the people want Kashmir to be an independent state, separate from both Pakistan and India. When asked to the population of Kashmir with whom they would like to be united, 64% of participants considered Pakistan to be a definite answer.

Based on the Survey conducted, as a large amount of Kashmir’s population wants to stay away from India, it is in direct contradiction to the Article 370 of Indian government, which states to combine Kashmir with India thoroughly and would be the end of the decades-long conflict between the two neighboring countries.

Kashmiris is most definitely against this, and young Kashmiris want Indian forces to leave the valley given the number of traumatic events and restrictions administered to the population by the armed Indian troops.

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