Wuhan Reopens Partly After Coronavirus Lockdown

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Wuhan Reopens Partly: A Happy News for Humanity

The Chinese city of Wuhan reopens partly after coronavirus lockdown, which lasted for more than two months to prevent further risk of spread of the infection due to which more than four thousand individuals died in mainland China since its first case diagnosis in December last year. The city has been open partly by the government after implementing total isolation of the 11 million general population of the city.

Wuhan reopens partly since the lockdown, which was initiated in January 2020 by blockage of roads by using ring-fencing on the city’s border along with a strict restriction on daily life. Daily essential stores, including pharmacies and general supermarkets, were allowed to open to help provide necessities to the people living in the area.

As Wuhan reopens partly, it is the last area that has lifted travel restrictions in the Hubei province of China since the outbreak. This city is the most affected as compared to other cities in China as more than 50, 000 individuals were infected by COVID 19 along with multiple thousand deaths.

Wuhan after complete lockdown

As the city of Wuhan reopens partly, major transport services are slowly coming back into their normal schedule. The first subway train arrived just after midnight in the city after a long isolation period. The general population is now allowed to travel the subway, and many trains have been fully booked in advance as Wuhan reopens partly after local transmission of coronavirus in the city has completely seized.

After the government announced that Wuhan reopens partly and travel restrictions have been dissolved, many people were seen arriving at the city’s train station along with their suitcases. The staff working at the train station was clad in protective gear to limit them from acquiring the virus.

As some passengers were leaving the train station to wear protective gear against COVID 19, a staff worker was present at the exit point wearing a hazmat suit to guide those individuals who have recently traveled abroad.  All individuals arriving at the station have a green code, which proves to the officials that they are healthy.

Wuhan reopens partly after which several shopping malls, banks, subway stations, and public transports are reopened by the government after a complete shut down for more than two months. The lockdown of the city was a necessary step towards eradication of the virus from the city. Even after the city is coming back towards normal routine, more than 2, 500 individuals are still infected by the virus and are placed under quarantine along with strict observation as 900 of them are classified with experienced severe symptoms and are more likely to die.

People are not yet allowed to leave the city of Wuhan, and the restriction is said to be lifted on April 8, along with a restart in domestic flights from Wuhan.

Continuous protection against coronavirus in China

Even though Wuhan reopens partly and the general population will take time to get back to a normal routine, the country is still processing multiple thousand cases of coronavirus in individuals who have returned from overseas, and treatment to those individuals is being given accordingly. Continuous control strategies are implied by the government to control the virus from spreading again in the city.

The government of China has also restricted international arrival into the country, and all visas or residence permits are not being accepted. All flights traveling to and from China must not contain more than 75% of passengers.

Passengers of multiple trains who are scheduled to arrive in Wuhan are randomly tested during travel for their temperatures by the staff wearing masks and goggles to prevent and limit further spread of the infection.

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