Worst Mistakes of Hermione Granger Changed Everything in Harry Potter

Hermione Made Several Judgmental Errors during the Book Series According To Her Liking

Hermione Made Several Judgmental Errors during the Book Series According To Her Liking

The fantasy novel series, Harry Potter is one of the most popular fiction book series to be known worldwide. Written by J. K. Rowling, the story follows the lives of a young orphan child who was invited to study in a schooling institute where magic is taught after being bullied for several years by his uncle Vernon and his family. Apart from Harry Potter being the main character of the show, his two best friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, are also thoroughly followed and described in this seven-book length series.

The Character of Hermione Granger

Being an overall hero and a good person in the book series, Hermione Granger was depicted as an exceptionally bright study, which almost new every answer to the question asked by the teacher. Even though the character of Hermione Granger was well-liked by all readers and numerous individuals look upon her character as she stands up with she believes, she made several mistakes throughout the course of the novel series, making some people question her judgment.

Hermione comes from a Muggle family that does not have magical blood within them. When she was invited to study wizardry at Hogwarts, she was initially bullied for her status as a mud-blood for which she fought and made up with her exceptional skills and impressive study record.

Blunders by Hermione Granger

There are several mistakes made by the character of Hermione Granger throughout the Harry Potter series, giving her fictional character a humanized perspective. One of the mistakes made by Hermione was obliviating her parents before she left her home to travel with Harry and Ron to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes made by the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Although it is not a mistake, it contributes to a major factor that later changed her life. Hermione Granger removed all memories of her since her birth from her parent’s mind to protect their lives, for which she was traumatized later.

The behavior of Hermione Granger towards her classmate Luna Lovegood was not much appreciated by the readers. The character Hermione is strongly dependent upon logical explanations and factual information, and Luna was someone who was very illogical and fanciful, which makes sense regarding Hermione’s behavior towards her.

During the summer vacations before starting the 5th semester at the wizarding school of Hogwarts, Harry was unable to get any information for several weeks regarding the wizarding world due to the ill-treatment of the Dursley family, due to which he was slowly starting to lose his mind for being desperate for any information.

During the period, neither Hermione nor Ron provides any information to him as per Dumbledore’s instruction. Fans criticized that Hermione Granger could have tried a little harder to help and support her best friend.

Hermione Granger was the type of student that strictly follows the guidelines and rules provided by Hogwarts and were completely against violating any ground rules. During the course of the seven-book series, she broke multiple regulations placed by Dumbledore in order to protect the people she cares about or to fight against the evil Dark Lord.

In some scenarios, she also broke the rules for less important reasons if it suits her. Due to this, the character of Hermione Granger rather comes off as hypocritical, making it hard for people to take her seriously.

During the fourth book, when Harry receives the Firebolt from an anonymous benefactor, Hermione Granger became worried and said Professor McGonagall. Even though she was upset, it was not her rightful place to meddle in someone else matters and had a negative impact on her relationship with both Ron and Harry.

In the sixth book of the series, when Harry finds the diary of the Half-Blood Prince, he became able to successfully brew complicated potions after following through the extra guidelines scribbled in the margin of the book, which was actually written by Professor Snape. Hermione Granger, being the best at everything, became upset ad jealous of Harry due to it.

The string desire of Hermione Granger to help the house-elves working inside Hogwarts were a noble and admiring decision on her side and tried to trick them into being free without their own consent, which is against respecting their autonomy.

During the trials for the Quidditch Keeper, Hermione confounded Cormac McLaggen, due to which he was unable to qualify, which allowed Ron to get the position of the Keeper in the upcoming match. Although the decision leads towards a positive overall outcome in their favor, the act illustrates the hypocrisy of the Hermione Grange for violation of rules and principles.

During the course of their relationship, Ronald Weasley made several mistakes with Hermione, often being very jealous and rude. When Ron made out with her classmate Lavender, Hermione got hurt and tried to physically attack Ron with magically conjured birds.

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