World’s Smartest Face Mask Made By Razer

N95 Surgical Face Mask Allows Lip Reading While Wearing and Helps In Social Interaction

During the CES 2021, some of the main highlighted products at the convention were Project Brooklyn and Project Hazel, both of them developed by the group of engineers at Razer. Razer is one of the top tier gaming firms has recently developed the world’s smartest face mask under Project Hazel to cope up with the current situation faced by every country around the world in the form of a deadly viral infection which has caused more than 8 million mortalities worldwide.

Project Hazel is an innovated concept created for a common face mask, which is currently being used globally as a preventive measure against COVID-19 infection. This face mask is included with a microphone built inside the mask to better enhance the sound quality of the individual, which has become an issue for people with less hearing power and deaf individuals.

The concept for this face mask is to help to improve and providing convenience for people for their daily usage while they are able to overcome the challenges faced during social interaction.

Innovative face masks design

The prototype for the smartest face masks have been revealed during the Consumer Electronic Show 2021, and the company claims that the user would experience better quality and amplification of their sound, to prevent the muffled quality of speech as observed with other types of face masks available.

Along with the unveiling of the smartest face mask around the world, Razer has also introduced the prototype versions of their new immersive gaming chair alongside new Blade laptops.

The design for the smartest face mask has included the facility of active ventilation, which allows exhalation of warm air to the outside environment while pulling inside the cooler air from the surrounding. According to Razer, this smartest face masks developed is classified under as an N95 surgical face mask.

The material used for the development of the smartest face mask by gaming firm Razer is made out of a transparent plastic material, which makes it easier for other people to lip read and observed the facial expression of the user.

The usage of transparent material for a face mask is hardly any innovative feature, as multiple other firms have also developed face masks like this, but this smartest face mask by Razer comes with the facility of a build-in low light mode. The interior of the face mask lights up when the user is in a dark surrounding and helps illumination of your mouth. Razer claims that the low light illumination features allow the user to express their emotions regardless of the surrounding light conditions.

According to Razer, the fitting of the smartest face mask around the mouth and nose region is comfortable due to the silicon material used, along with stopping the face mask from resting of touching the covered areas of the face. The areas around the ears loops have been kept thicker as to apply less pressure on the ears.

The ‘voice amp’ feature of the world’s smartest face mask by Razer is arguable the most technologically innovative feature of the face mask. The built-in amplifier and microphone slow clearer sound quality.  In any traditionally used face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic that covers both nose and mouth while wearing, the muffling of speech proved to be an issue for numerous people.

The smartest face mask developed by the gaming company Razer is just a prototype and a concept product for the CES 2021 and is not currently put for sale to the public. Currently, the qualities of the ventilators placed on the smartest face mask are being tested to further enhance the longevity along with the changes for required filter changes.

CES 2021

During the Consumer Electronic Show 2021, multiple other companies have showcased their eye-catching prototypes during the expo convention. General Motors have developed an electric vehicle with vertical landing and take-off technology with collaboration with Cadillac. A toilet seat developed by Toto, which analyses the faecal content and skin temperature of the user and recommends required dietary changes along with suggesting recipes to the user by a specified mobile application.

A 17” tablet display has been developed by Chinese firm TCL that provides the facility of rolling it up into a scroll shape, making it easier to carry around.

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