World’s Highest Daily Covid Cases and Oxygen Shortage in India

India has recorded the second-highest number of diagnosed infected cases since the start of the pandemic

The southeast Asian country of India has recently recorded the highest amount of one-day tally of new active COVID-19 cases throughout the world, along with the highest number of mortalities by the country in the time duration of over 24 hours. Across the country, the total number of confirmed cases diagnosed and recorded is around 16 million, and it is the highest number of cases recorded across the world, which is second to the United States. The highest daily COVID cases count in India has consequently caused oxygen shortage in India.

Increasing rate of infection

The country is currently in the grip of the COVID-19 second wave, which has become much deadlier than the first initial wave, which occurred in the previous year. The second wave, along with the highest daily COVID cases record, has caused rising fears in the general population regarding the overwhelming burden on the health care system of India.

Large crowds have begun to gather on the outside of hospitals in major cities across India, which are currently filled to their maximum capacity. Numerous individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 infection have recently died while waiting for the oxygen supply as there has been a massive oxygen shortage in India.

The families of the deceased have to generally wait for several hours before they are able to perform the ritual rites of the dead. It has been reported that at least one of the crematoriums located in Delhi is resorting to building pyres in the space allocated for car parking in order to manage the frequently arriving numbers, as India has been able to record the highest daily COVID cases globally.

Meanwhile, in some of the countries around the world, the governments are imposing stricter regulations which are consequently affecting travel to and from India, as the country is observing its highest daily COVID cases due to the increasing fears over the rapidly surging cases.

The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison stated that the number of flights between both countries would be suspended for the time being. While the United Kingdom has added India to their red list as the South Asian country has recorded its highest daily COVID cases count even after one year of exposure of infection, resulting in travel restrictions and hotel quarantining all individuals arriving from India from the morning on Friday last week.

Current situation of hospitals in India

India is currently struggling to cope with the increasing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection and has been able to record the highest daily COVID cases in a single day. In the last 24 hours, the total number of new active confirmed cases has exceeded 314,835, while the number of mortalities has risen to 2,104.

The oxygen supply in India has become a particular issue, as various hospitals across the city of Delhi are set to run out of adequate supply of oxygen on Thursday, as reported by the Depute Chief Minister of the city, Manish Sisodia. Other hospitals have also reported that they are suffering from dangerously low amounts of oxygen that could run out at any given moment.

This current crisis which the country is dealing with the highest daily COVID cases count has worked its way towards the High court of Delhi on Wednesday, where the judges have criticized the government of the country publicly for poor handling of the current grave situation regarding the oxygen shortage in India, especially in major cities.

The judges stated while giving the verdict in a petition by the owner of around six privately owned hospitals that they have knowledge regarding the work the central government is doing to handle the shortage of oxygen across the country while it is also suffering from the highest daily COVID cases count. Since the start of the pandemic in the first quarter of the previous year, India has recorded the second the greatest number of coronavirus infected cases across the world, after the United States.

On Thursday, multiple hospitals had given the warning regarding their rapidly diminishing stock prices; the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi conducted a meeting in an attempt to end the oxygen supply crisis. Mr. Modi has also asked the country’s officials to find other ways by which they would be able to produce more quantity of oxygen, along with telling the states of the country to come down heavily on any individual or organization which is currently hoarding oxygen supplies during these challenging times.

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