Woman’s T20 World Cup

Will the host team be able to win the tournament?

Will the host team be able to win the tournament?

International Cricket Council for Women holds the International Twenty 20 World cup Championship with this year’s event being held in Sydney, Australia.  The first-ever Woman’s T20 World Cup championship was held in England in the year 2009, which was initiated and governed by the International Cricket Council.

About the Tournament:

This year women’s T20 world cup is being hosted by Australia. There is a total of 10 teams from different countries, including Pakistan, India, England, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, Bangladesh, West Indies, and Australia. These teams will play twenty-three matches in total against each other. The teams are further divided into 2 main groups.

ICC Woman’s T20 world cup championship matches started from February 21, 2020, and are being played in the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Sydney. There will be a total number of twenty-three matches that would be played in this tournament. The first match of this championship league that was held at Showground Stadium, Sydney, was between the host team Australia and India, which has the highest number of people present to watch a standalone opening match in Australia with the total number of 13, 432 individuals.

The largest crowd that was ever seen in the Melbourne Cricket Ground was during the 2015 International Cricket Council Men’s World Cup Final, with the total number of attendance being 93,013 with the match between Australia and New Zealand.

ICC Women’s T20 world cup Finale:

A massive crown is assured to be present at the final tournament as more than fifty thousand stadium tickets have already been sold out for the finale that is scheduled to happen on March 8, 2020, at the Melbourne stadium. These huge numbers of tickets are still getting sold out knowingly that Australia might not even make it to the final match.

Melbourne, often referred to as the sporting capital of the world, will be filling up to its brim in just eight days for one of the historic sporting events that are the women’s T20 world cup finale.  It has been confirmed that the global pop star Katy Perry will be performing in the pre and post-game shows that will be held on March 8.

This event would surpass the record set by the FIFA women’s World Cup 1999 with the recorded attendance of more than ninety thousand individuals (90,185 exact) that were present to watch the match between the United States of America and China with the match being held in Rose Bowl in California, USA.

Australian Team in pressure in the Woman’s T20 World Cup:

Australian team coach, Mathew Mott gave the statement that he and his team are fully aware of the pressure and hype that surrounds their team into entering for the tournament finale. The Kangaroos will be facing New Zealand in a very tough match tomorrow on Monday, March 2, 2020.

The Australian women’s team was expecting to dominate this tournament, but were disappointed to see the competition this much tough. Australia won the match against Bangladesh, which was very tough with respect to the expectations regarding the match and was seen by more than five thousand audiences live in the stadium.

This match was the cause by which Australia has the chance to enter the semi-finals of this tournament. During this match, which was played in Canberra on Thursday night, Ellyse Perry, an all-rounder for the Australian team, injured her hip during the match and will not be able to perform during the match to be played against New Zealand on Monday that might cost the team heavily. The doubleheader semi-finals which be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground on March 5, 2020, Thursday of the upcoming week.

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