Winter Wave Of COVID-19 Will Be Worst Than First In The UK

The Death Toll Across The World Might Surge Again

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It is expected that a second winter wave of COVID-19 could potentially become more dangerous as compared to the first wave of coronavirus that is currently happening. In the upcoming winter season, the United Kingdom could see more than 120,000 deaths if another winter wave of COVID-19 occurs across the world. A reasonable and potential worst-case scenario could cause a large number of new deaths that could range from 24,500 to 251,000 in hospitals alone. The peak time for the winter wave of COVID-19 would be the first initial months of next year.

Second deadly wave of coronavirus

Across the United Kingdom, up till now, 44,830 deaths have been recorded officially. The actual number of deaths that occurred due to coronavirus might be more than this figure. In the month of July, only 1,100 deaths were registered, which shows a significant decrease in the death toll of the country as compared to previous months of this year.

The estimated number of deaths in a more deadly winter wave of COVID-19 across the United Kingdom does not take into account any of the preventive measures, including nationwide lockdowns, vaccines, and treatment. There is a high level of uncertainty revolving around how the coronavirus pandemic would react and spread in the upcoming cold weather.

According to the multiple pieces of research done on the coronavirus infection, the virus can survive for more time duration in cold conditions and will spread more as people would be spending most of their time indoors. If there is another dangerous winter wave of COVID-19 in the UK, it will put immense pressure on the National Healthcare Service, as during the winter weather, there is an increased influx of seasonal flu along with increasing coronavirus infectious patients and ultimately increasing the workload of the working healthcare staff.

Due to the first wave of coronavirus, the healthcare services across the world are still unable to recover from the aftermath of disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic in just a few weeks. To recover it, the project requires millions of dollars to re-equip and getting ready for the second wave.

Possible death toll in the Winter wave of COVID-19

The high count of a possible number of deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the upcoming winter months is not a prediction, but a likely possibility, keeping in mind the current scenario of the world. This model of a number of deaths due to the winter wave of COVID-19 suggests that the death toll will increase in the upcoming colder months as compared to the current summer wave of coronavirus.

The risk of a rapid surge in deaths due to coronavirus at the end of his year could be reduced if preventive actions are taken from the start. All individuals follow the safety and preventive guidelines provided by their government that could significantly reduce the number of new coronavirus cases.

This window of opportunity helps the government and the general population of the world to start taking preventive measures seriously, or the situation might escalate, threatening the lives of every individual across the planet. There is also a chance that the number of deaths caused by the winter wave of COVID-19 would only take the death toll in the thousands.

There are multiple outcomes related to how the upcoming months will turn out if the coronavirus pandemic situation persists in the winter months. A small change in a simulated scenario could result in a totally different outcome. Even though we should prepare for the worst scenario that might occur, we always should hope for the best outcome. As the number of coronavirus new cases and deaths has significantly decreased recently, it proves to be a chance to reflect over the situation and plan time for another winter wave of COVID-19.

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