WHO Warns As Africa Could Be Next Epicenter

21 Days Lockdown Initiated To Flatten the Curve of New COVID-19 Cases

African Countries Must Take Step as WHO Warns as Africa Could Be Next Epicenter

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 is a contagious virus which is easily transmitted through air currents, humidity and 24-36 hour stay duration on objects, surfaces, and floor, For which WHO warns as Africa could be next epicenter if not contained early, like around 20,000 individuals have been infected since March 2020.

The infection is rapidly transmitting across hundreds of individuals daily across the globe, thus escalating the total count of confirmed COVID-19 cases which has reached 2, 214,461, out of which 148,979 has already died across the world, with the largest count inhabited in the United States, which is currently the epicenter of the infection.

The World Health Organization WHO warns as Africa could be next epicenter from the infection as the numbers of infected toll has risen to 19,606, including 976 deaths and only 4,769 able to recover back to their optimum health. An average of 500 cases per day is being reported in the African region.

COVID-19 spread in Africa

There has been a sharp and sudden rise in the COVID-19 patients in the last few days in the region of Africa, which is still less as compared to other areas in the world, i.e., European countries and the United States.

WHO warns as Africa could be next epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic as confirmed cases diagnosis appears to be spreading away from the capital cities of Africa, which will largely affect the general population and plays an important role in the eradication of it as the content does not have an adequate supply of ventilators and other required medical supplies which are essential during the treatment of this deadly contagious disease.

The World Health Organization’s President of Africa is prioritizing to try to focus on limiting and preventing further transmission of COVID-19 rather than its treatment, as the area does not have the capacity to treat hundreds of coronavirus patients due to limited medical equipment supply and sterile treatment area.

WHO warns as Africa could be next epicenter of coronavirus outbreak, for which the continent is not financially ready at all, as Africa majorly lacks the number of ventilators required during treatment of critically infected patients, which might be a matter of life and death for them as no vaccine has been discovered yet which would provide complete elimination of the infection from the bloodstream by boosting the body’s autoimmune system. Ventilators are a machine that helps the patients during inspiration and expiration, which are unable to breathe on their own due to the muscular weakness of the thorax.

The first death in the area was recorded in March, whose main cause of death was lack of a ventilator during treatment. WHO warns as Africa could be next epicenter for the pandemic, as it is impossible to follow social distancing in some areas along with no access to clean water and soap to maintain proper hygiene.

Limiting COVID-19 spread

A 21-day lockdown has been designed to help flatten the curve of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Africa after WHO warns as Africa could be next epicenter for the infection. This lockdown, which is essential to limit the further transmission of the infection in the region, is directly affecting the poor population of the area, as hundreds of small businesses will be closed down along with thousands of unemployed people with a limited number of rations of food.

This lockdown, which is expected to extend further than 21 days on the continent, will have dire and devastating consequences of the general poor population of the area as the people are dependent on daily wages for providing food for their family members and increasing risk of acquiring the infection due to a compromised immune system.

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