WHO Is “Very Worried” About Europe Covid Surge

It Has Been Advised by The World Health Organization That Proper Wearing of Face Masks at All Times While Outdoor Helps Limit Local Transmission

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The World Health Organization has become very worried regarding the sudden rapid transmission of coronavirus infection across Europe as the entire continent is currently battling a fresh wave of the spread of infection. Dr. Hans Kluge, the regional director of the World Health Organization, has given a warning that due to the recent Europe Covid surge, the death rate of the region would exceed from 500,000 in the time duration till March next year unless immediate action is taken to prevent such drastic turn of events in the coming future.

Factors influencing the rise of Covid

Dr. Kluge also said that an increase in the number of people always wearing face masks while being outdoors would be the immediate helping measure to limit further local transmission of infection among the general population. The warning regarding Europe Covid Surge has come as multiple nations have reported the rates of record-high spread of infection along with introducing partial and complete lockdowns as required.

He further added that several factors are also influencing the Europe Covid surge, which includes the winter season, the insufficient coverage of coronavirus vaccine, along the regional dominance of the highly transmissible Delta variant of Covid-19. Dr. Kluge has called for an escalated uptake in vaccines and the implementation of health measures for the basic public along with new medical treatments that would help people fight the Europe Covid surge and prevent mortalities in the region.

He further added that the number one cause of mortality in the region of Europe is the Covid-19 infection, and people know what needs to be done to combat the rise of another wave of deadly viral infection before it ends by taking the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Dr. Kluge said that the measures of mandatory administration of coronavirus vaccine should be used as the very last resort in the Europe Covid surge, but that decision would be taken very timely, allowing some period to have a thorough societal and legal debate regarding the issue. Before doing that, several other measures can be utilized, including the Covid pass, which would not be seen as a restriction of liberty; rather it would be used as an assistive tool that would help to keep the freedom of individuals.

Restrictive measures across Europe

On Friday, the country of Austria has become the very first country across Europe to make the announcement regarding the coronavirus vaccine to be a legal requirement for all the residents of the nation. The new set of regulations that are enforced by the government are set to be in place from February, while the methods to enforce these new measures are currently in discussion.

This announcement, along with the recently imposed nationwide state of complete lockdown due to the Europe Covid surge, has been made in response to the record number of active coronavirus cases and low levels of vaccinated populations.

The Chancellor of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, said that it had been an exceedingly difficult decision to take in a free society, but the administration of coronavirus vaccine was the only way through which the government would be able to break down the vicious cycle of reoccurrence of Covid-19 infection.

The Europe Covid surge is a problem for the entire society because even those individuals that are fully vaccinated if they are unable to gain timely access to an intensive care unit because they are blocked by people that have not been administered with coronavirus vaccine and have gotten extremely sick, so they too would have an impact over their health.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of individuals have participated in a public demonstration that was held to protest the new set of restrictive measures that are being imposed in the capital city Vienna. Many people have waved the signs that had slogans written on them, some of which were ‘enough is enough’ and ‘say no to vaccine’.

Several other countries across Europe are also imposing new measures as the number of active coronavirus cases continues to rise and reach record numbers daily due to the sudden Europe Covid surge. Fresh restrictions have also been announced by Slovakia and Czech Republic that would be implemented on unvaccinated people as active Covid-19 cases continue to rise.

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