WHO Chief Requests To Stop the Politicization of Coronavirus

Unity between Countries Is the Only Way to Fight against the Pandemic

We Live In a Global Village So Avoid To Politicized COVID 19

WHO chief requests to stop the politicization of coronavirus because using COVID 19 to gain political points is hazardous and will likely end in more dead bodies. This request by the World Health Organization’s Chief General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Wednesday after United States President Donald Trump finds fault in the World Health Organization and its association with China. General Tedros also disclosed that he has been receiving death threats for the last couple of months.

President Trump has said in a recent press briefing that the World Health Organization has been downplaying the extent of the virus and how thousands of lives are at stake due to this pandemic. WHO chief requests to stop the politicization of coronavirus as blaming other countries would only increase the dead body count.

World Health Organization Chief’s request to the world

During a press conference in Geneva, WHO Chief requests to stop the politicization of coronavirus when he was asked about President Trump’s remarks. Director Tedros urged the political leaders across the world to stop politicization and blaming of COVID 19 on each other as this would not solve the coronavirus pandemic, which is plaguing the world and 1, 577, 360 has already been infected globally since the outbreak four months ago.

WHO chief requests to stop the politicization of coronavirus pandemic as it would only increase the death toll and does nothing towards helping the world get rid of the infection. The main agenda of all political parties across the globe should be finding ways to eradicate the virus completely, and not to exploit the virus as it would cause differences at the national level.

The reason being why WHO chief requests to stop the politicization of coronavirus is because President Trump gave harsh remarks regarding the World Health Organization during a White House COVID 19 task force briefing. Trump also suggested that he might cut off the funding for the organization, which will largely affect the World Health Organization, as the US funding is the only main source of money for the organization.

During the press conference, WHO chief requests to stop the politicization of coronavirus pandemic on each other, but all nations should unite to confront the common enemy, which is COVID 19. Chief Tedros did not refer to Trump by his name and that he does not mind being criticized with personal attacks, but everyone’s main focus should be the COVID 19 pandemic, not international or political rivalries.

Director Tedros emphasized the without the unity of the countries, a cure for the COVID 19 pandemic would not be possible even if they have the most advanced health care system, so to ensure life on earth, all countries must unite their resources to go through this crisis.

World Health Organization’s timeline for tackling COVID 19

On January 1, 2020, multiple cases have been reported in Wuhan, China, which were later diagnosed to be of COVID 19, for which WHO activated their incident management support team that would help coordinate the data at headquarters along with country-level and regional headquarters of the WHO.

On January 5, WHO has notified all its member countries about the new outbreak along with posting information on their website? A few days later, a comprehensive guidance package has been published in countries surrounding China on how to detect and test for this new outbreak. Later in the end of January, one case was reported outside China, after which WHO declared this as a public health emergency.

The world health organization has been working day and night along with the United Nations to help multiple countries against the pandemic by supplying medical equipment which is required to treat the virus as 93, 637 individuals have died after acquiring the COVID 19 virus. Due to this spread of infection throughout the world, the global economical recession has increased, and all countries are being affected by this pandemic. A COVID 19 outbreak is playing a major role in decreasing the world population, which has exceeded above 7 billion.

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