WhatsApp To Go Forward With Privacy Changes Despite Backlash

Millions of WhatsApp Users Have Opted For Other Messaging Services in January Due To Unfavorable Privacy Policy

The messaging application used by millions of individuals throughout the world WhatsApp is still pushing forward with their controversial privacy changes for their terms and conditions applicable over the app, but have altered the way by which it notifies their users after receiving intensive backlash.

Upcoming update changes for WhatsApp

After the first announcement made by WhatsApp regarding several changes in terms of services for the application, millions of its users downloaded additional messaging apps from competitive companies of WhatsApp.

In a public statement, the Facebook-owned messaging platform clarified that they have become a victim of misinformation and have suffered massively around the change for their privacy guidelines. However, WhatsApp said that they have recently reflected upon the way of how they could have given the explanation for the scheduled changes in the application to prevent any confusing scenario.

The phrasing used in the warning provided to the users in the initial statement lead to a widespread fear that WhatsApp would start sharing a large amount of data collected on the messaging application with the social media platform Facebook, which could possibly leak sensitive information of the users.

Meanwhile, in reality, a very small and almost insignificant amount of changes were made by WhatsApp in that specific area, and almost all of the massive amount of users have already previously accepted the type of sharing of data that is involved in the new change in the policy of WhatsApp.

As part of another attempt by WhatsApp to convince their clientele regarding continue usage of their messaging platform, WhatsApp will be starting to display a banner alert in the application in the upcoming weeks that have been prepared to provide aware the users.

This encourages a large number of their users to learn correct information regarding the scheduled update of the WhatsApp application in the month of May, along with what are the changes that would be seen in the update.

The required information and messages would be used to inform the users regarding the updated privacy policy of Facebook-owned WhatsApp, including displaying correct information in the status section available in the messaging application.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has given a public statement saying that the data that is to be shared with its parent company Facebook will not be including any call logs, group chats, or messages after the updated terms of services scheduled to occur in May of the year 2021.

However, WhatsApp has said that the upcoming terms and conditions would mainly focus on the changes that would further allow their millions of users to message numerous businesses which have opened their customer services through the WhatsApp business application.

WhatsApp has already been sharing some of the very basic user information with its parent company Facebook, including the IP address of the device along with certain information of the smartphone through which the application is being used and the purchased product information that has been made through the same platform.

Although, these certain changes for the WhatsApp messaging application are not applicable in regions like the United Kingdom and Europe as the laws surrounding privacy policies of social media and messaging firms exist, thus making a difference with the rest of the world.

In a statement, the messaging company stated that they have reflected in the past few weeks regarding their previous ode of conveying confusing information to their clients; however, they could have done a better job which could possibly have prevented such backlash from around the world.

WhatsApp wants everyone to know their history for defending the end-to-end encryption for their application and the trust they have committed in an attempt to protect the security and privacy of the people using their messaging app for their daily means of communication with their friends and family.

They have also said that they are currently doing various projects to provide clear and to-the-point guidelines regarding the upcoming changes that are to be added to the WhatsApp app in the near future.

In the past month of January, the Indian government officials have asked the Facebook-owned firm to withdraw their changes that they have planned regarding the application as the countries located in the South East region of Asia have become the largest marketplace for WhatsApp as it has more than 340 million users in the region.

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