WhatsApp Stops Spreading Of Misinformation on Its Platform

Anonymous messages are being used to increase public fear.

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WhatsApp is the topmost social networking site which is used all over the world as a daily communication tool due to its free of cost nature. The latest achievement being as Whatsapp stops spreading of misinformation on its platform. This Facebook owned application has many cool features which provide the user with the facility of sending photos and videos and able to video call without any hassle.

The option of creating groups is very useful, which even lets you send messages to all your loved ones with just a single click. WhatsApp is a platform that should be used to send awareness and precautions to the people close to you regarding the recent outbreak of coronavirus all around the world and it is currently being used to send false rumors regarding the novel coronavirus, in the forms of either anonymous test or voice messages.

To counter the increasing number of these messages, Whatsapp stops spreading of misinformation on its platform, an initiative which they should have taken a couple of weeks ago.

Medical officials along with the government of various countries are trying their level best to provide accurate information to the people around the world about COVID 19, but all the effort is undermined by the fake news regarding coronavirus and are trying to stop the circulation of false rumors regarding the novel coronavirus and their possible cure. To provide a helping hand in this campaign, WhatsApp stops spreading of misinformation on its platform.

Myths and misinformation regarding coronavirus

WhatsApp stops spreading of misinformation on its platform after multiple myths have been associated with the cure of this virus when in reality, the antidote is still undergoing multiple trials and testing before it can be used for safe public consumption. Take a recent example of a voice message which has been frequently circulated on Whatsapp, which claims that the researchers at the University of Vienna are able to find a link between Ibuprofen and the symptoms associated with coronavirus.

Some of the myths associated with killing COVID 19 include drinking warm water, blow drying nose, vitamin C containing fruits, garlic, drinking fresh onion extract. These precautions might be good for the overall health of the human body, but there are no clinical trials that suggest that these tips will prevent the activity of COVID 19.  There are some people who are even associating that the virus infects based on the political mindset, which is completely wrong.

Whatsapp stops spreading of misinformation on its platform as people started giving false diagnostic measures which include that if a person can hold their breath for more than ten seconds, they have not yet acquired the virus which is false as most young patients with coronavirus can easily hold their breaths, but many elderly who have not been infected might not be able to hold their breath for that long.

Whatsapp initiative against misinformation

Whatsapp stops spreading of misinformation on its platform and is undergoing the testing for a new up-gradation of their software. The upgrade contains two new features and is undergoing beta testing right now and will soon be available for the mass population. As WhatsApp stops spreading of misinformation on its platform, the new and updated version will contain an in-app browser facility and a reverse image search tool which has the ability to provide the link of the picture so that they can check the authenticity of the content before sharing it to their close friends.

This initiative taken as Whatsapp stops spreading of misinformation on its platform is by collaboration with the World Health Organization, United Nations Development Program, and UNICEF. A $1,000,000 grant has been donated by Whatsapp to IFCN (Internet Fast Checking Network) with the intention to support #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance that is being controlled by hundreds of organizations in more than 40 countries.  The company is doing everything in its power to help provide accurate information and healthcare tips to fight against the pandemic.

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