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Face Masks at The Start of The Covid-19 Pandemic Helped Reduction in Mortality Rate to Zero

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The promotion of WEF regarding a Chinese ‘smart face mask’ that has the ability to track every single intake of breath that its wearer takes and is able to provide evidential proof that Western society has undergone changes over the past 12 months amid the coronavirus pandemic, and is believed that these intended changes are about to become permanent. The usage of face mask forever is being expected in the upcoming years.

Coronavirus in the UK

In Great Britain, amid the rapid surge in the quantity of COVID-19 infection throughout the globe, in the past year’s summer, the introduction for mandatory consumption of face masks by the supporters of ‘Look at me, I’m such a good citizen and was broadcast across the country.

At the start of the COVID-19 infection, the application of face mask forever would not be possible, as this preventive measure would be applicable for a temporary time duration, and only for entering into shops as soon as the threat surrounding the coronavirus infection would dispense over a short period of time, including social distancing protocols. Any individual that said that these protective measures had been designed to be implemented over a very long duration, like usage of face masks forever.

These preventive protocols against COVID-19 were a part of the global elite population’s plan to keep the general population in control but were rather dismissed as a conspiracy theory. And now, after nine months, we are at the same place as before.

The government of the United Kingdom has allotted a road map for taking the entire population of the country in a formalized approach to make the country move out of nationwide lockdown protocols, which has been instated to limit further local transmission of infection. However, there has been no mention regarding the application of social distancing and utilization of face mask forever.

This could be due to the fact that there is no intention of the masses to use social distancing and face mask forever. Since the month of July last year, there has been an expansion in the consumption of face masks around the world. Individuals are being asked to cover their faces using a mask while they are in shops or any other indoor area where another public is present.

Even children going to school are made to wear face masks as a compulsory part of their daily school wear. This decision was expected to be reviewed with respect to the conditions at Easter, but the United Kingdom government extended the mandate regarding wearing face masks to school until this year’s summer.

In addition to this precautionary measure, the football fans are also advised to wear face masks when they would be allowed to enter the stadiums for the upcoming spring season at the trial events.

At the time when face masks were initially introduced to the general population for limitation of further spread of infection, the death rate in the United Kingdom dropped down to literally zero figure.

When asked by the World Health Organization if their advice on face masks has changed due to political lobbying, and the organization didn’t deny it. If face masks are able to play an important part in the prevention of infection transmission, we were told to wear them in the month of March and April. Meanwhile, some of the scientists even advised us not to wear face masks at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, as the quantity of face masks was not enough to be used by the entire residential population of the country.

Currently, we are looking forward to the possibility of wearing face mask forever and should incorporate them into our daily life as part of the new normal routine. The usage of face masks is expected to continue even after the lockdown phase of the country would be over.

Smart Face Mask

According to the context provided by the World Economic Forum for an enthusiastic promotion of their Chinese ‘smart face masks’. These face masks are apparently able to remind their user when to thoroughly wash them and are even able to detect when the user is not wearing them properly. If the amount of carbon dioxide from expiration increases inside the face mask, an alert via phone application reminds the wearing individual to catch a few deep breaths of fresh atmospheric air. If the user unexpectedly forgets to again wear the mask on the face, another reminded by phone application is given to mask up.

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