WandaVision: Marvel adds its power to Disney+

The Scarlet Witch and Vision Returns in A Monochromatic Sitcom Setting And Being Stuck In The Past

Marvel has gained the chance to flex its muscles with the recently released series WandaVision, as they leveraged most of their major assets while being able to provide their first series to Disney+. Despite the major hype surrounding this Marvel series based on an Avenger’s character, the series was unable to make an impact due to the enticing ‘The Twilight series’-Esque mystery.

Return of some Avenger’s cast

The initial three episodes for WandaVision of the nine-part series were rather a bit stingy, as they provided very significant clues forewarning to the audiences for the upcoming episodes. The satirical framework for the Marvel series, by placing the main leads in an old sitcom style, will be able to resonate more with those audiences that have appreciated the work of director Matt Shakman along with the head writer Jac Schaeffer, as they have replicated their style for the entire series.

The most familiar part of the WandaVision series is the return of the original actors for the roles of the Vision and Wanda, from the Avengers movies. Both the synthetic android and the Scarlet Witch’s whose love affair have migrated from the Avengers comics pages to a bigger screen.

The main lead was introduced in a black and white sitcom episode, which reflects an original fondness for the entire genre, and the cast was able to provide spot-on performances throughout the season. This Marvel’s series was able to feature several of the early-TV conventions during the show, including the background canned laughter, Kathryn Hahn as a nosy neighbour, along with a theme song which was the courtesy of Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez, the couple which was able to produce the catchy tunes for the Disney Frozen, which have permanently taken residents in numerous parent’s heads.

The producing team for WandaVision is in no hurry to provide a reference for when the moviegoers were last seen during the Avengers. While the series has given homage to sitcoms, they have also placed a watchful eye over any sly Marvel reference along with interestingly placed spots of colours in various scenes throughout the series, which presents any possible crack in the entire black and white season.

In an overall point of view, the WandaVision have been able to become an impressive card for Marvel in a broader strategy for Disney+, after the series ‘The Mandalorian’ was able to set a high bar.

Marvel’s Rumor Mill

With the opening episodes of Marvel’s WandaVision, the show was able to turn into a pretty good series, like how Marvel finds itself in the current situation, as trying to move forward with the flow without letting go of its past. Perhaps it was the reason behind the rapidly spinning Marvel rumour mill.

There has been a deadline story regarding a possible reprising for the role of Avenger’s Captain America by Chris Evans, along with speculation that the Black Panther sequel would also bring the return of Michael B. Jordan.

Death of a certain comic book character is not always the impediment that it usually represents for ordinary mortal humans, and the concept generally observed for alternate timelines help a lot on the issue. The WandaVision series certainly helps the show as the main lead is somehow stuck in the past, and has to reside in the black and white glow of old time sitcoms.

There have been additional names taken in the series, which will later require a thorough explanation that also depicts that Marvel is facing several tough issues as they try to continue the story after the Avenger: Endgame’s operatic high.

Marvel has initially planned to begin turning pages after the Avenger film series to their next phase of filming to be implemented throughout the year 2020 but was postponed due to the detection of the deadly coronavirus infection throughout the world.

The timetable for the releases by Marvel, has become a very complicated issue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the closure of all theatres, which consequently delayed the premiere of the movies. The setback faced by Marvel, has allowed the firm to focus their attention on their efforts for Disney+, as WandaVision launched a spectacle of a series for the online streaming platform.

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