Wai Wai Myint Plunged to Death While Fleeing Police in Myanmar

Two Out Of Five Individuals Were Pronounced Dead After Trying to Flee from The Police by Jumping Off A Building

Six months of time duration has passed since receiving the devastating news from Myanmar, and an incident occurred that had shocked the entire country when five individuals plunged to death from a high-rise building in which they were in hiding from the local police. Those people decided to rather face certain death than be captured by the police due to the ongoing brutality and the state of utter chaos the country is in for the past half-year.

Myanmar military coup

Later, when the news was given to the public, the police stated that they condemn the terrorist group that jumped off a building to face certain death. Although the husband of one of the victims who plunged to death told that her wife was a compassionate person and was also a mother who had been working tremendously to help alleviate some of the sufferings of people around her.

This is the story of her ill-timed demise

The incident occurred in the afternoon hours of Tuesday when a group of young activists comprising of eight individuals found themselves to be trapped by a raid done by the local police, which ended when they plunged to death. In the month of February, the military forces of the country had been able to abruptly seize control over the entire country, which had thrown Myanmar into turmoil as public demonstrations with millions of protestors began against the military coup.

It has been reported that around 900 individuals had died by the intensive violence of the military troops against innocent and unarmed civilians, while thousands have been arrested as they had been in violation of the regulations made during the military coup in Myanmar.

Wai Wai Myint had been one of the eight civilians that were caught up in the movement in opposition to the Myanmar military. She was also one of the five people who plunged to death after voluntarily jumping off a high-rise commercial building in the downtown region of the city of Yangon as the police raid began. After falling onto the hard-concrete pavement without any protection, Wai Wai Myint, along with another person, died at the scene after suffering from intense life-threatening injuries. The other three people were immediately taken to a nearby hospital run by the military forces.

After Wai Wai Myint reportedly plunged to death and was pronounced dead on the scene, some of her photos began to circulate on social media. In the first image, she was standing and looking directly at the camera with her three middle fingers raised, which is similar to the Hunger Games salute that has become a trademark motion that is frequently used by the young generation in the region of southeast Asia.

Alleged terrorist bombing

The military forces have described the team of people and classified them as terrorists who were present inside the building to plant a bomb. They have also published allegedly false confessions by two of the involved activists who did not plunge to death and were arrested inside the building, along with photographs of ingredients that are generally used for the production of a large explosive device.

Although this image is in complete opposition to what is painted by the husband of one of the victims, Soe Myat Thu.

He had to say goodbye to his Apple, as he likes to call his wife, during the mass cremation organized by the military for her along with the four other individuals, including a young male who also died with her after they both plunged to death in place to getting arrested by the police.

No digital photographs taken were allowed for the public, and the families of the deceased were also not allowed to take the ashes of their dead family member who passed away after they plunged to death away with them.

The military coup in Myanmar has been trying for the past six months to restrict the number of funerals that had died during the uprising protests against the Myanmar coup, as they have been most likely turned into an anti-military public demonstration, sometimes where they are able to secretly cremate the dead bodies rather than rightly return them back to their family members.

During the mass cremation, Soe Myat Thu held up a flower for his wife and took it back home in place of her remains.

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