Virus-Related Syndrome in Children: Alarming Situation in the UK

Children with a History of COVID-19 or Being in Close Proximity with the Infected Patient Are Prone

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Across the United Kingdom, British health officials have warned the medical doctors regarding the virus-related syndrome in children. Across the world, the confirmed coronavirus cases are increasing daily, as 3,099,990 cases have been reported since the initial first case reported on November 17, 2019, in Mainland China.

The warning for this rare inflammatory disease in children has been told to all doctors who are currently treating COVID-19 in Britain, Spain, and Italy as it is possibly connected with coronavirus. Some possible cases have also been reported in Belgium and France. Out of the data compiled from the coronavirus patients in China, the ground zero for COVID-19, only 2.4% of the total infected patients were children, and most of them only suffered through mild symptoms related to this infection.

Virus-related Syndrome in Children

A medical alert has been sent to all general practitioners across the region regarding the virus-related syndrome in children as there has been a dramatic rise in children experiencing the multisystem inflammatory condition in the last three weeks and are requiring thorough and intensive care for their treatment.

This COVID-19 virus-related syndrome in children has become an increasing concern as more children are being infected by an unknown pathogen which is causing this inflammatory infection. This infection has the same characteristics as a serious COVID-19 condition, but only a few fatalities have been reported caused due to this virus-related syndrome in children.

Some of the common but unusual symptoms of this COVID-19 virus-related syndrome in children include pericarditis (inflammation around the heart) and severe abdominal pain. The virus initially directly affects the autoimmune system of the body, causing other diseases.

It is being thought that this virus-related syndrome in children may be caused by the COVID-19 virus. Even though only juveniles are being affected by this new infection, not all children are prone to this inflammatory virus.

Across the region, only 12 cases have been reported yet regarding this virus-related syndrome in children.  Some of the overlapping syndromes of COVID-19 and this rare inflammatory infection are an atypical Kawasaki disease, toxic shock syndrome, and body blood parameters consistent with severe conditions of COVID-19.

In Spain, multiple cases have been reported with children suffering from unusually severe abdominal pain along with gastrointestinal symptoms and have the capability to lead the body towards cardiac issues, low blood pressure, and shock. The general population in the area is advised to recognize these symptoms and bring the child to the hospital for urgent treatment to prevent any life-threatening condition or even fatality.

In Italy, the COVID-19 virus-related syndrome in children has been reported in teenagers with the previous history of getting coronavirus, or some were in close proximity with an individual suffering from COVID-19.

COVID-19 effects on children

Multiple children have died after being infected with COVID-19 infection, but serious complications after being infected are rare across the world. According to the multiple types of research done on the confirmed coronavirus cases across the globe, children are the least affected age group.

Across the United Kingdom, 21,092 people have died after being infected with COVID-19 infection, but most of these individuals have been above the age of 60. The youngest victim of COVID-19 has been a five-year-old child who died after being tested positive for coronavirus.

Regardless of the source of this new inflammatory infection in children, this syndrome can become lethal if not treated in its initial stages. Kawasaki symptoms include very high body temperature, which lasts for around a week, rashes on the skin along with swollen lymphatic glands in the neck area, by which this COVID-19 virus-related syndrome in children can be easily spotted.

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