Violent Lockdown Resistance In Melbourne: Police

A Policewoman's Head Was Repeatedly Smashed By A Woman

A Policewoman's Head Was Repeatedly Smashed By A Woman

The head of the State of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has recently announced several lockdown restrictions according to the state four of coronavirus prevention restrictions for the Melbourne metropolitan, which also includes an overnight curfew. These preventive limitations will be put into effect for the upcoming six weeks across the state, due to which the general population of the area is in violent lockdown resistance with the law enforcement agency.

Aggressive behavior by the public against lockdown restrictions

The main reason behind the new lockdown restrictions is due to escalation in the number of coronavirus cases that are caused by community transmissions, but the source of the transmission is yet to be determined. If these limitations of stage four are not implemented in the state of Victoria, stage three restrictions would have to be put into effect for more than six months to get the situation under control. Since the stage four for coronavirus prevention has been initiated, violent lockdown resistance has increased across the state. To strictly enforce the lockdown, more than 1500 law enforcement troops are patrolling in the streets of Melbourne to prevent any dangerous or violent lockdown resistance by the people residing in the area.

This new trend of violent activities of the so-called sovereign citizens of the state is now confronting law enforcement officers that are monitoring their respective areas. In one case, a woman smashed a policewoman’s head to the ground repeatedly. To prevent any other violent lockdown resistance by the public, the local authorities have increased the number of fines for those individuals who are repeatedly breaching the rules as Melbourne is enduring another deadly wave of coronavirus pandemic in the region.

In the past month, more than 50% of the cases being diagnosed in Australia are located in the state of Victoria, due to which the death toll of the country has reached 226. To prevent further community transmission inside the area, the government has mandated the use of facemasks and tightened the stay-at-home order that would help reduce transmission of coronavirus infection in the locality. The authorities are claiming that many individuals are actively breaking the rules, which includes those who are claiming to be above the law, along with aggressive and violent lockdown resistance.

According to the Chief Commissioner of the State of Victoria, Shane Patton, recently, there has been an emergence of a group of concerning citizens that are classifying themselves as the sovereign citizens of the country. These people do not believe in the legitimacy of the government and are often arguing that their rights are being repressed by public orders. Patton has also stated that the attack on the policewoman along with violent lockdown resistance is the highlights of the hardships and challenges the law enforcement agencies are suffering from amid the stage four. The local population has also begun baiting the police at checkpoints across the city and is refusing to disclose any basic information when asked by the police.

Lockdown regulations that are being breached

Most of the general population of the state of Victoria is following the lockdown regulations posted by the government. But many of the people are knowingly breaking the lockdown prevention rules, which are putting numerous people’s lives at risk across the state. After multiple random checking with the local police department, more than 3, 000 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, out of which 800 are completely not following the regulations of the state four for prevention of further transmission of coronavirus in the community.

According to stage four of the coronavirus lockdown, residence of Melbourne is only allowed to leave their homes for grocery shopping, exercise and get essential medications, or make health care work. All these must be done within 5 kilometers of their residence. All residences must comply with these regulations along with corporation with the law enforcement agency and prevent any violent lockdown resistance.

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