Warning of Security Council of Violent Conflicts Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

This Pandemic Has the Potential to Disrupt International Peace

Do Not Allow This Pandemic to Destroy International Peace

The Security Council has issued a warning regarding the increasing number of violent conflicts amid coronavirus pandemic across the world. The Security Council also issued a statement during which they emphasize their concern regarding the potential impact of COVID 19 on the world, especially on the conflict-affected countries. The Security Council also urged the general population across the globe to show unity and solidarity and to decrease as much violent conflicts amid coronavirus pandemic.

The number of infected COVID 19 patients is increasing rapidly and has surpassed 1,727,038 since the start of the outbreak in mainland China in December last year. Along with the rapid rate of confirmed COVID 19 patients, hundreds of these patients are dying daily after experiencing severe symptoms of the virus and being under constant critical care. The death toll has increased up to 104,923 individuals across the world, out of which post were residing in the United States.

New York has reached the limit of more than 700 deaths per day, which is by far the highest death rate compared with any city globally. Only 390,522 COVID 19 patients had the capability and strong immune system to cope through the infection and recover back to their optimum health.  Due to the increasing panic regarding COVID 19, there has been a significant increase in the number of chaos and violent conflicts amid coronavirus pandemic. The United Nations head called the COVID 10 pandemic as a threat to world peace, security, and stability.

Security Council’s comments on COVID 19 pandemic

According to the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who warned the United Nation’s Security Council that the coronavirus pandemic has the potential to rapidly increase violence and social unrest across the globe, which would affect the world’s ability to combat against the pandemic and finding its antidote. The world has already glimpsed the ruin of social and economic impacts, but this will increase further to disrupt international peace. COVID 19 is also triggering and exacerbating various challenges on human rights.

Effects of COVID 19 on the World

There has been a rise in hate crimes and discrimination since the virus has spread outside China, thus increasing the rate of violent conflicts amid coronavirus pandemic in certain countries. In New York, the number of burials in the city has increased to 25 per day as compared to 25 per week before the pandemic has hit the city.

Around 6.6 million individuals have lost their jobs due to budget cuts in multiple countries across the United States. The rate of criminal activities has also increased, and people are buying live ammunitions and firearms to protect their families due to the increased ratio of violent conflicts amid coronavirus pandemic.

In Europe, $550 billion have been issued to help unemployed workers, companies, and business parties who are suffering from financial burdens due to COVID 19 pandemic. Certain task forces have been formed to help the general population follow the regulations during the lockdown to limit the spread of the infection. The poor and daily wage earners are severely affected by the pandemic for which relief funds are being provided in certain countries, including Pakistan.

Efforts to reduce COVID 19 across the world

The United Nations, along with the World Health Organization, is working day and night to solve the COVID 19 pandemic, which has started a global economic recession and the financial state of all countries, is affected by it. Since the spread of COVID 19 outside mainland China, the World Health Organization declared it as an emergency.

To limit the further spread of the virus, it has been strongly urged to follow social distancing, which has worked better than the organization was expecting.  Since the outbreak, there has been a surge in criminal activities and violent conflicts amid coronavirus pandemic and is putting a strain on the Justice Departments across the world.

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