Vienna Attack: Blame on Islam Again By Calling It Islamic Terrorism

3 People Died While 15 Injured During the Attack Causing By Heavy Firearms and Assault Rifles

3 People Died While 15 Injured During the Attack Causing

The Interior Minister of Austria, Karl Nehammer confirmed the news that one of the shooters involved during the Vienna attack was done by Islamic terrorists. At least one of the people implicated in the terrorist Vienna attack was unable to be captured and is believed to be on the run. Nehammer stated to the news reporters that one of the individuals that were shot dead by the local police force, which arrived immediately soon after the attack, was an Islamic sympathizer.

Central Vienna attack

During the Central Vienna attack on Monday, multiple gunmen armed with heavy firearms and ammunition opened fire towards the general public in six different locations across the areas, which lead to killing three individuals in which 2 were males and 1 female. The attack started from the main synagogue located in the capital city of Austria.

During the random shooting towards the general public, 15 people got critically injured; one of them is an officer of the local police department force deployed to the site of the Vienna attack.

Among carrying multiple firearms, the suspects during the Vienna attack were also armed with assault rifles and were recorded in multiple Smartphone videos made by the witnesses present at the site of the assault.

To gain further information and analyze the terrorist attack in the Austrian capital city, the police department is continuously going through the available video footage from the surveillance cameras installed across the city and video clips made by the individual present at the site of the attack.

The gunmen also shot with continuous bursts of ammunition towards crowds that were sitting in bars and restaurants that were located in their route.

According to the officials, it is being suspected that the assault in the central area of Vienna was carried out due to an Islamic motive and could possibly in retaliation to the blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) made by the French President.

In a Smartphone video clip, it can be heard that one of the shooters could easily be heard shouting Allah-u-Akbar, which translates into Allah is the greatest, verifying the presence of at least one attacker with Islamic association.

Remarks of Interior Minister of Austria regarding Vienna Attack

Interior minister Nehammer during a press conference said that one of the assailants is considered to have associations with one of the Islamic States. Meanwhile, the police department provided a statement that the death count for the Vienna attack shooting in the capital of Austria has increased to three. They also verified that the dead shooter who was immediately killed as he was wearing an explosive vest turned out to actually be an imitation of the real one and did not have the ability to cause a blast.

The Austrian Interior Minister was also able to confirm that one of the perpetrators directly involved in the Vienna attack was able to run away from authorities and is currently being searched extensively by the security forces.

For the Austrians and the Germans, Islamic terrorism serves as a common enemy, which is said by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding the central Vienna attack on Monday. Soon after the attack, Merkel stated in a press conference that she stands with the people of Austria in solidarity and sympathy due to the terrorist Vienna attack, during which three people lost their lives without any cause.

Merkel also expressed her deepest condolences to the families of all dead and injured victims of the attack while wishing the survivors for a swift and rapid recovery. She also stated that her thoughts regarding the attack are with the general population that had to face the horrific act of terrorism and the security forces which are working to confront the terror threat caused by the gunmen.

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