Vidya Balan Recalls Bursting Into Tears After A Masseuse Commented On Her Body Weight


Vidya Balan Recalls Bursting Into Tears After A Masseuse Commented On Her Body Weight

Vidya Balan shared this image. (Courtesy: balanvidya)

New Delhi:

Bollywod actress Vidya Balanh, who has proved her acting prowess across all mediums of entertainment, in a recent interview with lifestyle coach, Luke Coutinho, opened up about the criticism she has received for her body weight. The actress shared that after hating her body for a long time, she has finally learnt to accept and love her body the way it is. She also shared one such incident when a hurtful comment by a masseuse brought tears ti her eyes. Vidya Balan said, “I was getting a body massage done. And this woman tells me, ‘Arey phir se weight put on kar liya kya? Firstly, it’s a very intimate space. I trusted the masseuse to get my body massage done. I’m not here for her to sit and judge my body. I am here so that she can actually calm my nerves, like make me feel better. I said, ‘Mere body ke baare mein comment mat keejiye, mujhe achha nahi lagta.”

The actress also mentioned how she was affected by such an incident and burst into tears upon seeing her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur. The Heyy Baby star said, “When I saw Siddharth, I actually cried for a bit. I was like, ‘Why do people have to do this? Why did she have to say this to me? It’s insensitive. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Because I’ve had a very hectic week, I was exhausted. I was looking forward to this message. And within the first 10 minutes, this happened. Then I just couldn’t relax. And therefore, when I came out and met Siddharth, I think that pent-up, whatever, just came out.”

A few weeks back, the 44 years old actress revealed  in a podcast that she owes the hormonal issues in her body to a scarring event from her younger days. In an appearance in Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast, the Parineeta actress spoke about a conversation that took place many years ago between her father and uncle, which became the root cause of her hormonal issues and also marked the beginning of her denying her femininity.

Recalling the incident, Vidya Balan said “I remember a conversation between my uncle and my father, when my uncle told my father, ‘Don’t worry, my son will be there for you until…’ I was so angry because we were sitting there, both of us, my sister and me. And we were like, ‘We don’t need anyone else’s son to be there for our father’. We are both, by God’s grace, able-bodied and able-minded, we don’t need anyone else.”

Vidya Balan was last seen in Neeyat, which released in theatres on July 7.


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