Vaping Increases Coronavirus Hazards: Research

Regular Usage of Vape Could Cause Life-Threatening Coronavirus Complications

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According to a recent research study conducted on the risks of coronavirus, it was observed that the increasing trend of vaping increases coronavirus hazards, and if infected with the deadly virus, severe symptoms will be experienced by the patient. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic across the world, the medical experts have issued a warning that the deadly coronavirus is basically a respiratory pathogen, which will most likely severely affect the already scarred lung tissues of vapors and smokers.

There are several pinpoints that have been marked by researchers and doctors, which also include that vaping and smoking tend to further enhance the ability of the virus to additionally transmit from person-to-person, then infiltrate the lungs and initiate the worst symptoms of coronavirus infection. The usage of e-cigarettes, i.e., vaping increases coronavirus hazards as the chemicals found in the cartridge tends to destroy the lung tissues while decreasing the body’s immunity to fight common flu and cold along with COVID-19, which might provide additional complications and poor outcomes as compared to a normal non-smoking individual.

Even before the initial spread and diagnosis of COVID-19 across the world, in 2019, numerous people suffered and were hospitalized with critical respiratory infections and lung diseases as a consequence due to the consumption of vaping products and e-cigarettes, especially those that contain marijuana. After several studies conducted in relation to COVID-19 and smoking, it was concluded that smoking and possibly vaping increases coronavirus hazards and dreadful outcomes of the infection.

It has been found that those individuals who smoke are most likely to double their risk of infection with severe symptoms of coronavirus infection, while extensive data on the co-relation of vaping and coronavirus has begun to emerge. It has been recently reported by a group of researchers that the young adult population who regularly Vape for more than five times are more prone to be diagnosed with COVID-19 as compared to those individuals who don’t smoke or Vape.

There are extensive data regarding the relationship between coronavirus and smoking, but a large amount of information is still unclear. The healthcare workers are still unsure that some individuals who regularly use vape or cigarette critically damages the health of the person while others remain symptomless of any disease. But according to several case studies, smoking and vaping increases coronavirus hazards, which is most likely to end in a horrific situation.

Vaping trend across the United States

There are around 34 million individuals that are reported to be using vaping products in the United States, out of which many are associated with colored individuals and have low economic status. These groups also tend to be more prone to viral infections due to reducing the healthcare level, and by the regular usage of vaping increases coronavirus hazards inside the individual.

The active ingredients that are mainly found in vaping products range from Tetrahydrocannabinol (high-inducing content found in marijuana) to nicotine due to which it has been concluded by multiple studies that vaping increases coronavirus hazards. There are several other ingredients found which are harmful towards the health of an individual includes vitamin E acetate, heavy metals, both of which coats the lung tissues with toxic components along with ultrafine particles that can potentially poison and damage the delicate lung tissues.

There have been numerous researches over the past multiple years, which concluded that smoking tends to disturb the immune system of the individual as each puff is packed with harmful active ingredients which completely destroys the check-and-balance of White Blood Cells against germs and, in turn, attacks the healthy living cells of the human body.

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