Vamika: Name Revealed By Anushka Sharma of Her Daughter

The First Daughter of 'Virushka' Was Born On January 11 in Mumbai

The famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has been married to the captain of the Indian national cricket team Virat Kohli for the past couple of years. After the birth of their daughter in the past month, this is the first time when the couple has revealed the face of their child to the public.  Anushka Sharma has posted a photo of her adorable family along with her husband and their newborn child. The Instagram post also includes the name of the child as Vamika, along with her thanks to the well-wishes and prayers they have received on the birth of their first child.

First childbirth of Virushka

The caption for her latest Instagram post states that both Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have lived their lives together with gratitude, presence, and love as their news of living their lives, but the arrival of their daughter Vamika has taken those to a whole new level. Bliss, worry, laughter, and tears are some of the emotions both the parents have experienced in just a matter of few minutes. While being new parents, both the individuals have been unable to sleep, although their hearts are so full of love and appreciation for their newborn child Vamika.

Previously, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have sent a letter to the entire paparazzi fraternity in the city of Mumbai. In the letter, they have requested them not to take any photos of their infant daughter Vamika in any content they post online, along with avoiding posting any written material in the media that would include their child for the time being.

In a statement, both the parents said that they would always ensure to provide full coverage of the content that requires posting in the press media of the country, but for some time, they have requested kindly to not carry any content which would include their newborn daughter Vamika. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli also stated that the media should consider the request and should try to recognize where their concern is coming from, along with thanking them for understanding the matter.

In the previous month of January, the top-order batsmen for the national cricket team of India, Virat Kohli, announced the birth of his infant daughter Vamika on his social media pages, which occurred on January 11, 2021. In a note in which he thanked his fans and also requested the public audience to keep the privacy of his family at the moment.

In Virat Kohli’s tweet, he wrote that the couple is very thrilled to share the news as they have been blessed by the birth of a beautiful daughter. He then thanked him for all the good wishes, prayers, and love he has received. Both the mother, Anushka Sharma, and the child Vamika are healthy, and the couple is feeling blessed beyond feelings to start a new and blissful chapter of their lives. He also wrote to keep the privacy of his family at this time due to the delicacy of the moment.

For the childbirth of his daughter Vamika, the Indian cricket team player returned home for his paternity leave from Australia in the month of December to stay at home as the expected date for the delivery for Anushka Sharma was reported to be in the month of January. Virat Kohli had played T20 and ODI series before the lead his national cricket team for the first test match in Adelaide, but his team lost in a very dramatic fashion and made a record in the history of cricket by getting bowled out after the score of 36 on Day 3 in the second innings.

Marriage of Anushka and Virat

The love story of the highest-paid Bollywood actress of India, Anushka Sharma, and the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli started on the set of a shampoo commercial they did together several years ago. After the advertisement shooting, they dated for quite a few years after tying the knot during a private ceremony which was conducted at the Heritage Hotel, which is located in the city of Tuscany, Italy, in the year 2017. During the wedding ceremony of the power couple Virushka, some of the close family members and relatives were invited to Tuscany to attend the ritual.

In the month of August last year, during the primary nationwide lockdown period of the coronavirus pandemic in the country of India, the couple announced their pregnancy with their first daughter Vamika.

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