Utah Monolith of Mysterious Origin: Internet Sleuths Were Able To Go There

Strange Standing Object In The Middle Of A Desert Has Been Present Since 2016

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The time duration is required for the first person to reach the mysterious Utah monolith was just 48 hours. The local authorities of Utah revealed on Monday that they had found a tall, shining metallic structure located deep in the Red Rock desert, but no exact location was provided by the officials that could help others located the area where the Utah monolith is present.

Unexplained metallic monolith

The reason as to why no address was provided for Utah monolith was to remove any chance of amateur adventurers from setting off in an attempt to find it in the wide and dangerous desert and getting lost in the process. The local authorities had in mind that despite their restrictions, people are likely to still make an attempt to find the Utah monolith.

On Wednesday, several people were able to find the mysterious shimmering Utah monolith, and posting triumphant photos on Instagram, as they were eager to show the world that they were able to find the Utah monolith without any help, in just a small amount of time.

The individuals visiting the Utah monolith were aided by internet sleuths, who quickly geo-tagged the location on Google Earth, along with posting the exact coordinates for the metallic tower on the internet. A 33-year old David Surber drove for more than six hours from his destination to reach the Utah monolith after he found a post on Reddit that claims to have found the complete exact coordinates for the Utah monolith. Upon reaching the destination, he said in his video that he decided to go to the mysterious shiny Utah monolith, which has been present in the same place for the past five years but hidden from the rest of the world as concealed by nature itself.

Monolith present since 2016

The Utah monolith was originally spotted by the officials from State wildlife on November 18 while they were conducting a flyover by helicopter through the remote terrain to count the bighorn sheep in the Mars-like area.

The user on Reddit that was able to post the exact coordinates for the mysterious object in the middle of the desert stated that he tracked the flight path of the helicopter as it suddenly went off-radar for some time, indicating that it has landed someplace in the desert without prior notice. At that point, he thoroughly scanned all photos, maps, and videos of the surrounding location, before being able to spot the difference.

When the locations of the Utah monolith are compared from August 2015 and October 2016, the shimmering metallic standing object could be distinctly observed with its long shadow in the middle of the canyon.

Visiting Utah monolith

David Surber, one of the first few people to be able to reach the Utah monolith, posted on Reddit when he was on his way to check out the mysterious object, soon after which he was bombarded with thousands of requests and messages. When David reached the coordinates of the mystifying Utah monolith in the early morning hours, it was still dark, and no other individual was present at that time. Other people started to come after being able to find the exact location of the Utah monolith online to see for them, having discovered a strange metallic object in the middle of nowhere.

People are curious about how and why this strange metallic entity is present inside a desert and has remained unidentifiable for the past several years. Many people believe that the Utah monolith has been planted by extra-terrestrial creatures from outer space, while other people think that the monolith is actually a piece of unclaimed conceptual artwork by a designer present on Earth and is likely human.

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