USA Tightens Restrictions On Huawei

US Argued That Untrusted Chinese Applications Harvest Sensitive Information Of US Residents

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The United States is implying additional restrictions on Huawei Technologies, a Chinese tech firm, to limit the access of the company towards electronic components. The aim of this act is to place restrictions on Huawei, which will stop the company from buying any computer chips that have been made using technology from the United States, even if those computer chips have been designed solely for the Chinese tech giant. The country has added additional 38 names into the blacklist along with Huawei Technologies.

USA restricts Huawei over usage of computer chips

According to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the restrictions on Huawei that have been imposed since May are being continuously evaded by the giant tech firm. At the time of the application of restriction, the United States Department of Commerce stated that all chipmakers globally that will be using the US technology to make computer chips has to obtain a license from the US government before they work on the designs for the Chinese tech company.

This new order regarding the restrictions on Huawei has now been broadened and requires the companies to initially approve permission even if they are trading an off the shelf design for general purpose usage. As the United States has restricted the Chinese tech firm from accessing any technology made by the country, Huawei and its affiliated companies are now working through third parties to try to gain access to the US advanced technology in a matter which undermines the foreign policy interest and national security of the United States.

This decision of restrictions on Huawei over usage of US-made computer chips proves the continuing commitment of the United States towards impeding the Chinese tech company. No recent comments have been made by Huawei technologies regarding this new placement of restriction. Previously, the executives of the Chinese tech giant have described the American behavior as pernicious and arbitrary, while ensuring their investors that this would not be affected by these hindrances.

During a meeting in May, Huawei technologies have described the actions of the United States since the year 2019, due to which the company was forced to remake their supply chain, as they compared the firm to an airplane which has been riddled with numerous bullet holes and cannot work properly. The United States had said this on multiple occasions that the Chinese tech giant could potentially be used by the government of China, due to which it has pressured multiple countries’ governments across the world, including the United Kingdom, saying to cut ties with Huawei, calling this act as a threat towards national security.

Due to this issue and restrictions on Huawei, the company has contested all claims against them, arguing that the United States is motivated to spread false claims due to the economic competition between both countries.

Sourced relations

The implementation of much harder restrictions on Huawei on Monday by the United States is one of the many corrective measures taken by the United States against multiple Chinese technology firms in the last few months as the relationship between China, and the US has turned sour. Earlier this month, Mike Pompeo has outlined a list of steps that are required to be followed by all US companies before they interact with any untrusted Chinese application. HE also stated that at this time, all Chinese applications, including WeChat and TikTok, also pose a significant threat towards the personal and sensitive information of the citizens of America. The United States government has argued that such applications that have been made in China are seen to be harvesting private information of the citizens of the US, which could be easily exploited by the Chinese Communist Party. All these allegations have been denied by China.

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