US Unemployment Reaches 33.3 Million during COVID-19 Pandemic

Further 15% of the Workforce Has Been Affected In April

Further 15% of the Workforce Has Been Affected In April

As more 3.2 million people In the United States have sought the unemployment benefit funds in the previous week, the total number of US unemployment reaches 33.3 million during COVID-19 pandemic, which is affecting the whole world. The United States, along with some other European countries, are some of the most affected countries dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

Unemployment during coronavirus pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading in the United States in March, the unemployment rate of the country began to grow as a stay at home orders were implemented along with social distancing to prevent transmission. US unemployment reaches 33.3 million during the COVID-19 outbreak, which is about 20% of the total workforce of the country.

The peak unemployment rate of the United States since March is 6.9 million in one week, since then new claims to the Department of Labor have subsided. Even though United States President Donald Trump has decided to reopen the country in multiple phases, and some parts of the United States have begun to reopen, the number of unemployed people collecting the benefit is still continuing to rise as US unemployment reaches 33.3 million during COVID-19 outbreak.

As non-essential travel is banned across the country to help prevent further transmission of infection, multiple travel companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft have recently fired many of their employees. Alongside travel companies, restaurants, administrative workers, and medical practices have been affected as coronavirus pandemic is directly influencing the country’s economy.

Timely rent payment during the outbreak

As the US unemployment reaches 33.3 million during COVID-19 pandemic, food product demand has significantly increased, and renters and homeowners have a delay in the monthly payment. If the problem is not resolved and eviction of people continues at this rate, this public health crisis of coronavirus outbreak in the country will convert into a homelessness crisis.

Multiple renters across the region are unable to pay their rent on time due to no influx of money as US unemployment reaches 33.3 million during COVID-19 crisis.

If the government of the United States is unable to contain this deadly infection of coronavirus and the economy of the country continues to decline in the second quarter of the year, the unemployment rate would rise further even as US unemployment reaches 33.3 million during COVID-19 pandemic. The temporary Job losses experienced by thousands of people across the country would become permanent as multiple companies and business firms would completely shut down due to little to no revenue.

COVID-19 pandemic

Across the world, the number of total confirmed coronavirus cases has reached 3,903,867, out of which 270,024 have died after experiencing severe symptoms of the infection and being under intensive treatment for multiple weeks. More than half of the people who died due to COVID-19 infection were above the age of 60, as the virus tends to influence those individuals most who have decreased autoimmune response.

1,334,368 people were able to recover back to their optimum health levels after having mild symptoms of the infection for around 14 days. As no drug has been discovered yet that could completely eliminate the virus from the human bloodstream, treatment is prescribed in the form of a healthy diet, good personal hygiene, and frequent hydration of the body.

Across the United States, 1,287,552 people have contacted the coronavirus infection since it came inside the country in February. 214,918 individuals have fully recovered from the infection. But 76,693 people in the United States have died after contacting the virus, the highest death rate ever recorded in any country across the world.

New York, New Orleans, and several other cities have most of the COVID-19 deaths as hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed as the country was not prepared to tackle with this sudden and deadly situation. Whole cities have been put into lockdown, which has aggravated the situation of unemployment as US unemployment reaches 33.3 million during COVID-19 pandemic.

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