US Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan Started

Complete Withdrawal of US Military Forces Would Be Made on September 11, 2021

The United States has formally started the troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is the beginning of what is called the forever war by the recently elected President of the United States, Joe Biden. The United States and Nato had their presence for around 20 years in the region of Afghanistan. But the US troops withdrawal, which is to run until September 11, has come during the increasing level of violence, with the security forces of Afghanistan on high alert for any kind of reprisal attack.

Withdrawal of US military

The Taliban have given a prior warning that they are no longer bound to the previous agreement with the United States to not target any international troops, increasing chances of an imminent attack on the withdrawing US troops.

The deal which had been signed in the previous year between the militant Afghan forces and the ex-President of the United States Donald Trump, under which both parties have agreed to limit their attacks, and the foreign military forces located in the region of Afghanistan had to leave by May 1 including US troops; meanwhile, the Taliban were to hold off their attacks on any international troops that are to come in the region.

The officials had stated that during the time when the agreement was in place, the Taliban had been protecting several western military bases and US troops that are located across the region from rival Islamist terrorist groups. However, it was unable to stop targeting attacks by the Taliban on civilians or Afghan forces.

The United States President Joe Biden has said that some part of the US troops that are withdrawing from Afghanistan would not be coming back till September 11 in this year, as it would mark the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center known as the 9/11 attack, citing to the security situation.

The spokesperson from the Taliban has given the statement saying that this would be in violation of the principles, along with opening ways for the Taliban fighters to be allowed to undertake any possible counter-measure deemed suitable to them against the US troops that are not to withdraw from the country.

Although it has been confirmed by the Taliban spokesperson that the attacks would not be done by the fighter’s own accord and would be conducted only when the instructions for the attack are to come from their leaders, some of the analysts have suggested that the deadline for the withdrawal of military forces of the United States from Afghanistan should be in place to avert any possible attack on a large scale on the US troops.

Meanwhile, the United States is facing challenges logistically as they had to pack up and leave the region. It has been reported that the military has been taking inventory on numerous products, as they are deciding to take only important material back to the United States, while the rest of the junk material would be sold off in the markets of Afghanistan.

US military forces in Afghanistan

On the day of September 11, 2001, the attack on American soil had killed more than 3,000 individuals. The leading head of the Islamist terrorist group named Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, was soon found to be responsible for the attack.

The radical Islamist group, the Taliban, who were running the country of Afghanistan and were responsible for protecting Osama Bin Laden, completely refused to hand him to the authorities of the United States. After a month following the 9/11 attack, the United States started conducting airstrikes against the country in retaliation.

Soon after, other countries who were allies to the United States also joined with them in war, due to which the Taliban were quickly removed from the position of power. After which, they didn’t simply disappear, as their influence across the region grew back strong, and they were able to dig back in.

Since then, the United States, along with its allied countries, have been struggling to stop the government of Afghanistan from collapsing, along with ending the deadly attacks being conducted by the Taliban.

The US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan had begun against the backdrop of violent clashes between the government forces and Taliban due to the absence of a peace treaty. According to Joe Biden, the pull-out by the United States is justifiable, as the US troops have been able to make sure that the region could not be used again to be converted into a base ground for the foreign jihadists groups to plot against the Western countries.

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