US Supreme Court Rejects Trump-Backed Bid to Overturn the Presidential Election

All Lawsuits against the Unlawful Winning of Biden in Presidential Elections Have Been Rejected

All Lawsuits against the Unlawful Winning of Biden in Presidential Elections Have Been Rejected

The US Supreme Court has declined the unprecedented effort backed by President Donald Trump to discard the results of the presidential elections of four different states.  The legal proceedings, which were filed within this week by the state of Texas, were due to as they are seeking to invalidate the conclusion of the recently held elections in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. The newly elected president of the United States, Joe Biden, won in all four states.

Joe Biden as 46th US President

The lawsuit presented in the US Supreme Court, backed by President Trump, was supported by at least 106 Republican representatives of Congress and attorney generals of 18 states. The US Supreme Court provided their final ruling on Friday, stating that the state of Texas does not have any legitimate standing to bring forward the case, thus rejecting the bid.

The finalized ruling by the US Supreme Court represents a setback for President Trump, who has previously said without any physical evidence that the result of the presidential elections held in the month of November would be completely settled by the US Supreme Court, not accepting President Biden as the newly elected president.

During the past week, the US Supreme Court has declined a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s victory in the state of Pennsylvania, rejecting the legal proceedings in a single sentence. After losing the presidential elections 2020, President Donald Trump has made several unsubstantiated assertions that illegitimate votes during the last month elections cost Trump his second consecutive term at the office.

Since the elections, Donald Trump, along with his supporters, has launched multiple lawsuits in the US Supreme Court regarding the results of the presidential elections. None of the legal proceedings have come even close to overturning the victory of President Biden.

The democratic candidate Joe Biden was able to defeat Trump by a large margin of 306 to 232 votes in the United States Electoral College when then chooses the next United States president.

Joe Biden was able to win as a President by seven million more votes nationwide. The US Electoral College is scheduled to conduct a meeting on Monday to start the formal legal actions to elect Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

Lawsuit by the state of Texas

The recent lawsuit was filed in the US Supreme Court by Ken Paxton, who is an ally of Trump and the Republican Attorney General of Texas.  The legal challenge was also backed up by President Trump, and he also filed a motion in the US Supreme Court to intervene in the lawsuit along with becoming a plaintiff in the proceedings of the case.

The legal action sought to reject the results of the presidential elections of few states, including Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, as they are some of the most decisive regions by which President Biden won this year’s election.

According to the attorney general representing Texas, the results from those states are allegedly wrong and unlawful as those specific regions experienced some changes in the voting procedures that were made to help the general population of America in the casting of their ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawsuit wants the US Supreme Court to allow the legislatures of those states, which are currently under the control of Republican members of the Congress, to settle on who should receive the Electoral College votes.

On Thursday, all four states have provided an answer to the Us Supreme Court, stating that justice should reject the legal proceedings, as it does not have any evident standing ground. And the US Supreme Court agreed with the decision.

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