US Supreme Court Hears Cases over Trump’s Tax Returns

Donald Trump’s Lawyers Are Arguing against Congress Issued Subpoenas

Donald Trump’s Lawyers Are Arguing against Congress Issued Subpoenas

The United States Supreme Court hears multiple pleas and arguments regarding whether President Donald Trump should be permitted to keep his financial documentation secret. President Trump has declined to offer his documents that could illuminate his bank balance and family company’s work. As US Supreme Court hears case over Trump’s tax returns, New York, prosecuting lawyers, along with two congressional committees, have demanded to release the documents of his tax returns.

President Donald Trump’s tax returns

Private lawyers of President Trump have argued that he is under complete immunity while he is in office for President after US Supreme Court hears cases over Trump’s tax returns. It is being expected that the ruling will be able to provide far-reaching implement for the ability of Congress to review all activities done by the sitting presidents along with the ability of prosecutors to dig and look into them.

The decision is anticipated to be before the Presidential election of the United States in November 2020. If the ruling is made against Donald Trump, that could provide the release of his personal financial data during the election campaign season. US Supreme Court hears cases over Trump’s tax returns will be heard by judges via telephone due to lockdown implementation amid coronavirus pandemic.

Cases against Donald Trump

The total number of three cases has been heard in which Donald Trump’s lawyers tried to block the subpoenas filed against them, but failed as they were backed by the lower courts in New York and Washington. Final decisions for court ruling have been put on hold as US Supreme Court hears cases over Trump’s tax returns.

A couple of committees at the House of Representative have demanded Trump’s financial information from the two banks, which dealt with him, Capital One and Deutsche Bank, as well as from Trump’s accountants.

After a series of commercial bankruptcies in the 1990s, Deutsche Bank, along with several others, was some of the few banks which were willing to lend money to Donald Trump. The subpoenas issued for handing over the evidence record are likely to contain the document which is being sought out that could possibly include the information related to Donald Trump, his family, and his organization.

The lawyers presenting President Trump have argued repeatedly that Congress does to hold the right to issue any subpoena. A subpoena has been issued by the District Attorney in Manhattan for Mazars as US Supreme Court hears cases over Trump’s tax returns.

Cause for Investigating Donald Trump’s tax returns

The investigation as US Supreme Court hears cases over Trump’s tax returns concerns the so-called hush money compensation made by the former lawyer of Donald Trump to two women for having an affair with President Trump. The alleged disbursement has been given to former Playboy model Karen McDougal and adult film star Stormy Daniels.

The United States current President Donald Trump’s lawyers have insisted that his personal data could not be subpoenaed during his time at the office as his position grants him immunity to any and all criminal lawsuits.

Background Story about Trump’s tax returns

US Supreme Court hears cases over Trump’s tax returns, after which he has refused to provide the financial data regarding his tax returns. These types of allegations have also been made on the previous US presidents in power. There is a slight chance that Trump might win these cases as the Supreme Court contains two appointees by President Trump.

In 1974, the court decided unanimously that President Nixon must follow through with the court issued subpoena for the recorded tapes in the Watergate Scandal. In 1997, during the time of President Bill Clinton, it was unanimously decided by the court that the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him must go forward to trial. Both of these cases were lost as the Judges appointed in the cases voted against the presidents.

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