US Submarine Collided with Mysterious Object in South China Sea

A Number of Sailors Were Injured When the Nuclear-Powered US Submarine Collided Unexpectedly with An Unknown Object

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A nuclear submarine of the United States military, while being submerged underwater in the South China Sea located in the region of Asia-Pacific, has hit an unidentifiable object, which has resulted in the injury of multiple sailors on board. It is yet to be confirmed the cause of the sudden incident which occurred on Saturday by the United States officials. However, the nuclear-powered US submarine has not suffered any technical damage due to the impact and is fully operational.

Unforeseen vessel accident

Some of the unnamed United States officials have given their statement saying that the collision which occurred in the South China Sea in international waters of the region, and this accident had led to extensive injuries of 11 sailors that were on board the US nuclear submarine. It happened amid the rising military tensions between China and Taiwan.

The United States Navy stated that the complete extend due to the damage is still under assessment and that the nuclear propulsion plant of the submarine along with spaces had not been affected. The public statement has not provided any detailed account of the location of the accident, except that it occurred in the South China Sea or the exact number of people that were hurt while on board, other than that the injuries suffered by them had been non-life-threatening.

Two officials from the United States Navy stated that two out of the 11 sailors had been moderately injured during the sudden incident while submerged in the South China Sea. All individuals on board that has suffered from trauma are being treated with first aid inside the submarine.

The officials also said that the accident of the US nuclear-powered submarine had occurred while it was conducting its routine operating procedures while being present in the South China Sea, and to maintain the security of the naval operations, the news had not been made public after several days of the incident.

According to the Associated Press, the naval officials stated that the unidentifiable object to which the USS Connecticut had suddenly collided had been confirmed to not be another submarine. It is possible that the unknown object could have been a sunken container or vessel or an uncharted object at the bottom of the South China Sea.

Claim over the South China Sea

A defense and security expert based in Singapore has told that the number of injuries that have been suffered by the sailors on board the submarine suggests that the underwater vessel has collided with a large object or it had been traveling at high speed in the South China Sea. This incident is not common but has been heard of before, which has further exposed that the region is extremely busy with military activities.

He added that the region of the South China Sea had been increasingly becoming saturated with vessels from different nations’ naval forces. Although there has been an increased amount of showing of military forces through surface vessels, we are unable to observe the underwater activity, which has also escalated.

In the comments that have been reported by Global Times, a state-run Chinese newspaper, that the spokesperson from the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs said that China has become concerned regarding the incident involving the nuclear-powered US submarines and had called upon the United States to provide more details regarding the South China Sea accident, along with the purpose of this naval operation.

It was later reported that the US submarine is currently headed towards the territory of Guam controlled by the United States.

According to a webpage that is specialized in the Naval of the United States, USNI News reported that the last incident that has been reported where a submerged submarine of the US Naval forces had accidentally struck with an object placed underwater was in the year 2005, during that time the USS San Francisco had hit a mountain underwater while the vessel was traveling at full speed near the territory of Guam, due to which one of the sailors on board had died.

In the past recent few years, the tensions in the region of the South China Sea have increased as several countries, including Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, are disputing the claim by China on almost all of the area covered by the Sea for the past few decades.

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