Trump Terminated US Relationship With WHO

US Is Responsible For 15% of the Total Funding Of the UN Health Agency

US Is Responsible For 15% of the Total Funding Of the UN Health Agency

It has been announced by the President of United States Donald trump that US relationship with WHO (World Health Organization) has been terminated. President Trump believes that the World Health Organization is responsible for failing to control the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the whole world. Trump has also accused the WHO for not holding China accountable for the spread of the infectious pathogen, causing coronavirus in more than 6,085,066 individuals across the globe, out of which 386,409 has died.

Termination of funding for WHO by Trump

US relationship with WHO has been completely discontinued. The funding money, which was previously given to the World Health Organization will now be diverted towards multiple other global organizations working towards the betterment and public health of the world.

The World Health Organization is a United Nations agency that was developed to help all countries in public health emergencies. The organization has played a major role in containing and treating coronavirus pandemic in several countries across the world.

There have been multiple hindrances in the US relationship with WHO for the last few months. Trump had announced last month warning WHO to improve their response in solving the global pandemic within 30 days. But it was recently announced by President Trump to end the funding for the organization completely. The European Union called Trump several times for him to reconsider his decision, warning the president that this might interrupt the efforts of the health body in solving the global public health emergency.

The United States in the top funding country for the World Health Organization, giving around 15% of the total budget of the UN agency comprising of around $400 million each year. After termination of the US relationship with WHO, other funding countries, including the UK and Germany, had said that they have no intention to stop their funds.

Donald Trump is trying for re-election for this year in the United States and has been criticized multiple times for poor handling of COVID-19 pandemic inside the country. To clear his name, Trump has passed on the blame to China, accusing the country of trying to cover up their untimely response to the coronavirus pandemic. More than 1,801,159 individuals have been affected by the infectious pathogen since its spread in the US.

Trump’s accusation against China

As there has been a termination of US relationship with WHO, President Trump has also announced a set of announcements against China as the country is being accused and held responsible by Trump for losing the lives of more than 100,000 people in America.

These sets of decisions include denying entry to multiple Chinese officials and nationals, along with the tightening of rules and regulations against Chinese expenditure in the United States. In light of the recent disruption in the relationship between the US and China, President Trump has decided to end the period of special treatment with Hong Kong. He said that the United States government would alter their travel aiding to notify of monitoring in Hong Kong.

President Trump has also accused China of ripping them off as the country has taken multiple billion dollars from the United States along with stealing intellectual property. According to Trump, China was able to redact any charges of theft against them due to the previous politicians and presidents of the country.

China has also claimed unlawful territories in the international waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean, causing the disturbance in navigation and international trading even though the United States wants a constructive and open relationship. Recently, China has broken its promise to Hong Kong to ensure its autonomy.

Donald Trump is holding the Chinese government responsible for the spread and covering up of coronavirus as soon as it was first diagnosed in Wuhan. In multiple cases, Trump has called coronavirus as Wuhan virus, saying that this global crisis has led to the death of more than 105,000 American citizens. Following these events, Trump has terminated its funding, causing disruption in the US relationship with WHO.

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