US Military Took Complete Control of Kabul Airport for the Safe Evacuation of Staff

The Spokesperson of The Taliban Confirmed That People Present at The Airport Are Allowed to Return Back Home

A scene of desperation and utter panic could be observed at the Kabul airport as the residents of the country are trying to flee from Afghanistan after the seizure of Kabul, the capital city, by the Taliban forces. Two armed individuals have been killed by the military soldiers of the United States Army, while another three individuals have been reported to have died after they fell off from the underside of the aircraft where they were clinging on to run from the region, shortly after the plane took-off from Kabul airport.

Sudden evacuation plans

With all of the scheduled flights to be departed from Kabul airport suspended, many of the Afghan nationals, along with foreign citizens, have been stranded there. The United States, along with other countries, is trying to rush in the attempts to evacuate all allies and staff members that are stuck at Kabul airport.

On the last Sunday of August, the Taliban forces have declared absolute victory after the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani was able to flee abroad from the country and his government in Afghanistan collapsed. The return of the Taliban to the ruling of the country has brought an end to the 20 years of the coalition that was led by the United States in the country.

The capital city of Kabul was the last major city in Afghanistan which has fallen to the insurgent forces after months of offensive attacks, but the condition accelerated in the past recent few days as they were able to gain control over key territories of the country, which had shocked many observers. The Islamist group of Taliban forces was successfully able to gain control over the country as most of the foreign soldiers that were deployed to the country for military operations pulled out in the initial months of this year.

Following the seizure of Kabul by the Taliban, many individuals in the region headed directly to the Kabul airport in an attempt to flee from the country as soon as possible. The evacuation process for individuals that are of foreign nations along with Afghan citizens with direct links to the government of foreign countries and organizations is currently taking place, although it has been reported by the passengers that rumors have started to spread that people with no viable visas to travel abroad are also allowed to leave the country.

Desperation to leave

As crowds in huge amounts have begun to gather, the forces of the United States still deployed in Afghanistan are used for security purposes at the Kabul airport. It has been reported that live shots had been fired into the air to try to disperse the individuals that were trying to force onto planes to try to flee the country.

Video footage has been obtained by the media outlets of Afghanistan, which has clearly shown individuals at the Kabul airport that are trying to cling with the side of the aircraft as it starts to taxi on the runway and is ready for take-off. While on another video, it has shown that several individuals had fallen off from the aircraft after it had taken off as they were also trying to flee without being inside the plane.

The defense official of the United States stated that the country is currently suffering from a temporary suspension of all flights that were scheduled to evacuate so that people that are present at the Kabul airport could be easily cleared from the area.

According to the United States government, in the upcoming days, the thousands of citizens of the US, along with the working staff at the local embassy and their family members and any other vulnerable national of Afghanistan, are to be airlifted from the country in the upcoming days through Kabul airport. To provide assistance in the process of evacuation, 6,000 troops have been deployed by the United States in Afghanistan.

During the weekend, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has defended the US military withdrawal and stated that he is unable to justify an almost endless presence of the United States in the middle of a civil conflict of another foreign country.

More than sixty countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, has recently issued a joint statement in which they have said that the people of Afghanistan deserve to live their lives in dignity, security, and safety of their own country and the civil order along with the security of the entire region should be restored back immediately.

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