US Life Expectancy Drops Amid COVID-19 By One Year

Reduction in Life Expectancy Mostly Suffered By Black Population and Minority Communities

The life expectancy ratio across the United States has dramatically fallen by a complete year in the first half of the year 2020, which is a massive change that was mostly fueled by the increasing number of diagnosed patients for the coronavirus pandemic. According to the data collected by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the US life expectancy for the general population of the country dropped to the low count of 77.8 years.

The chief of mortality statistics of CDC, Dr. Robert Anderson, stated that this declined US life expectancy is a huge decline that has been observed throughout the country. Meanwhile, a greater amount of changes have been observed among the different ethnicities and minority groups across America after the pandemic spread of the deadly viral COVID-19 pathogen.

The largest decline in the US life expectancy can be clearly observed in the Black men, as the statistics dropped by the margin of three years between the time period from January to June in the past year of 2020. During the same period, the life expectancy of Hispanic men has also suffered by 2.4 years.

Dr. Anderson said that this kind of decline in the US life expectancy was observed during the time of World War II. In America, the life expectancy at the time of birth is currently now at 75.1 years, which is a decrease of around 1.2 years at the time from 2019. For females, the life expectancy in the United States is now at 80.5 years, after the statistics fell for a whole year.

Cause for diminishing US life expectancy

The key factor which has been observed for the overall reduction in the US life expectancy is due to the deaths that have occurred after millions of individuals were diagnosed with the viral coronavirus infection, and they were unable to cope with the severity of the disease.

According to the report by CDC, around 500,000 individuals have been stated dead due to the drastic criticality of the COVID-19 airborne disease throughout the United States, which is the highest death count reported within a year due to a single disease by a single country across the world.

The detailed account by CDC has also shown the required statistics that suggest that the coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately affected the black people along with other minorities that are residing across the United States. The African-Americans have been reported are more likely to die three times as compared to the privileged white Americans.

The analytic report published by the Brookings institution states that in every age group, the black community is observed to be dying from coronavirus infection at almost the same rate as white people tend to die in more than 10 years’ time duration.

Various areas of the US affected at different times

The most recent data collected by CDC has been based on the death certifications that have been processed during the first six months of the previous year. Given the timeframe of the first half, the report has noted that estimated information does not completely reflect the entire effects that were observed on the US life expectancy amid the coronavirus pandemic in the year 2020.

The report has also shown that different areas of the country were affected at a different time during the entire year, with the urban regions to have hit hard than other areas during the initial months of the pandemic.

The life expectancy at the time of birth could be underestimated since the populations which have been severely affected, including black people and Hispanic communities, are likely to reside in the urban areas of the country.

It has been perceived that the deadly viral pathogen of COVID-19 was not the only factor that changed and declined the entire US life expectancy in a single year. It has been noted by the CDC that there has been an increase in the count of deaths caused by provisional drug overdose through the months in early 2020.

The current life expectancy of an individual residing in the United States is lower than the packing ratio of 78.9 years, from the year 2014, and is reduced to an average number of 80 years in the OECD. OECD is an organization that is of countries that are mostly rich.

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