US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus

Trump has initiated a two-week lockdown until further notice.

US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus

COVID 19 is the topic about which everyone across the world is currently talking about. The novel coronavirus or COVID 19 has been declared a pandemic that has affected every country’s economy after its spread has been reported in around 114 countries, which its major adverse effects being currently seen in Europe. Up till now, more than six thousand individuals have died due to COVID 19, and 120,000 individuals are affected by the virus, and the numbers are still increasing.

After the arrival of COVID 19 in the United States, major US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus, and all activity has seized, including the educational sector, corporate offices, and international flights.

The novel coronavirus, which is said to have originated in Wuhan, China in December last year, has now been declared as a pandemic, which was expected to end inside the borders of China. To fight the disease, China developed several makeshift hospitals across the country overnight to quarantine infected patients to reduce the further spread of the virus.

This act leads to the timely treatment of the patients, as many of the cases are with mild symptoms and can be treated easily with isolation. As ordered by President Donald Trump, it was into immediate effect as US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus further spreading and to isolate the virus from infecting more than it already has.

Effects of coronavirus in the United States

US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus, which has disrupted millions of lives in America due to the closure of everything, including schools, colleges, universities, bars, theaters, restaurants except takeout and delivery.

Around four thousand US citizens have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus along with 80 people’s deaths due to the virus, and the numbers continue to rise. This airborne contagious virus is spreading at an alarming rate, with a spike in the infected number of patients increased on the weekend, especially in European countries.

Even as there are a large number of infected people around the world, more than half of these infected from the novel coronavirus have recovered to a fully healthy state and released from quarantine. US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus including the US border have been closed down for all non-US citizens for an indefinite period until the threat regarding the virus has died, or vaccine, for the cure of the novel coronavirus have been discovered in which scientists across the world are focusing on right now.

The stock market has been declining since the pandemic, and the US stock futures have dropped down to its limit. The economy of the country is stable for the time being but is predicted to take a toll on the economy soon enough.

Increasing Social Distancing as US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus

US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus, and people are being advised to practice social distancing, including hugs and shaking of hands as the virus may transmit from one to another. As directed by the White House, the social gathering of more than 10 people is banned. Bars and restaurants are closed for dine-in as it might provide the means of a chain transmission of the virus.

People are being advised not to travel unnecessarily and to keep themselves at home at all times. Citizens might think that US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus might be an overreaction, but these protective measures might be the key to stop the further spread of COVID 19 that has terrorized the whole wide world in just a couple of months.

As US cities put into lockdown due to coronavirus, all public gatherings are banned, including weddings, rallies. The risk of infection has created an insurmountable fear in the people that even mosques are empty, and Muslims are advised to pray inside their homes.

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