US and UK Face International Criticism Over Aukus Agreement with Australia

The Pact Angered France for Not Involving Them While China Accused Them of Having A Cold War Mentality

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Both the United Kingdom and the United States are currently facing growing criticism from around the globe over the formation of a new security pact that has been signed to form an alliance with Australia. The Aukus agreement, which is being seen as a move to counter the influence of China, will be providing Australia with the necessary technological innovations by the United States and the United Kingdom for the construction of nuclear submarines.

Although this move has resulted in causing an angry reaction from France for not adding them in the pact, and quoted that they had been ‘stabbed in the back. Meanwhile, an accusation has been made by China in which they stated that all these three powerful countries have the mentality for a Cold War.

The Aukus agreement has caused a rise in fears that this might provoke China into starting a deadly war.

Involvement of China

The Aukus agreement, which is an alliance that has been announced by the President of the United States Joe Biden, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, along with his Australian equivalent Scott Morrison in mid-September.

While no mention has been made regarding the involvement of China in the Aukus agreement, it is widely being viewed across the world as an effort that is being made to counter the influence that had been made by China in the region of the South China Sea.

It has later been told by Boris Johnson to the MPs that the Aukus agreement did not have any intention to be adversarial towards China. But the UK Prime Minister had been asked with questions regarding his predecessor, Theresa May, regarding if this pact might lead the United Kingdom to be unwantedly dragged into a massive war against China.

She further asked the UK Prime Minister regarding the implication of the Aukus partnership in the event of an invasion conducted by China of Taiwan. Prime Minister Johnson stated that the United Kingdom has remained to be determined in defending the international laws that have been put in place, and that would be the strong advice he would like to give to their friends present throughout the globe and the government of China.

Although Democratic Taiwan sees itself as a completely sovereign nation, China has recently escalated the pressure on the region, which is being viewed as a breakaway province.

Reaction of France

Meanwhile, the United States is looking to quell the anger of France at the Aukus agreement, which has destroyed a multibillion-dollar deal regarding submarines that France has signed previously with Australia.

The foreign minister of France has called the announcement regarding the Aukus agreement as a decision to stab them in the back. He further added that this decision is a unilateral, unpredictable, and brutal decision taken by the three nations and reminds him of the administration of the previous President of the United States, Donald Trump. The diplomats that have been sent by France to the United States have canceled a gala that was being conducted to celebrate the relation between France and the US in retaliation of the Aukus agreement.

The former ambassador of France to the United States said that this act is a very low moment. The United States was in complete knowledge regarding the impact of this strategic contract as it is essential for the national interest of France, but the US still did not care and went forward with their decision.

The Secretary of State of the United States has called France to be its vital partner and stated that the country is still willing to work in close association with France.

The Press Secretary of the White House has shrugged off the criticism shown by the French government over the Aukus agreement.

The pact made among the UK, US, and Australia will also be seeing these three allies to be sharing some of the innovations and cyber capabilities, along with artificial intelligence and other technologies regarding undersea working. The Aukus agreement has been described as a show of profound strategic shifting by the national security adviser of the United Kingdom.

This will mean that Australia would be becoming the seventh nation across the globe to be able to operate submarines that would be powered by active nuclear material, although these would not be equipped with any nuclear-powered weapon.

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