Unknown Pneumonia Outbreak In Kazakhstan

Negative Coronavirus Test Results But The Same Set Of Symptoms

Negative Coronavirus Test Results But The Same Set Of Symptoms

The government of Kazakhstan has denied all allegations regarding an outbreak of unknown pneumonia in the region, which was first published in a report by the Chinese embassy located in Kazakhstan. The report warned the general population of the country to be warned against this alleged deadly new unknown pneumonia infection, which might be more dangerous and life-threatening than COVID-19.

To counter these allegations by the Chinese embassy, the health ministry of Kazakhstan has denied all statements regarding the unknown pneumonia outbreak in the region. The government of the country has re-implemented the countrywide lockdown inside the nation as the number of new confirmed coronavirus cases has seen a rapid rise. The total number of coronavirus cases diagnosed in the country has reached about 55,000, along with 264 deaths reported.

Diseases outbreak in Asia

Several other Central Asian countries have been previously accused of having another wave of coronavirus pandemic, out of which few of the countries have classified the cases as an unknown pneumonia outbreak. The World Health Organization gave a report saying that Kazakhstan is now under strict observation as this outbreak of unknown pneumonia might be another deadly wave of coronavirus pandemic.

The rapid surge in the new coronavirus cases suggests that there are numerous cases in the country that are still undiagnosed. Across the country, more than 1,772 cases have been reported dead due to an outbreak of unknown pneumonia in the first half of this year. The cities of Atyrau, Shymkent, and Aktobe are the most affected by this unknown pneumonia viral. In the month of June, 628 deaths have been reported, most of which were Chinese national living in the region.

The health ministry of Kazakhstan has acknowledged the presence of viral pneumonia infections, but is against the false allegations reported by the Chinese embassy. The Ministry also acknowledged that the large number of pneumonia cases that have been recently diagnosed in the country have tested negative for coronavirus. All testing done for the general population of the country to test COVID-19 has been done according to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization. In the country, the number of pneumonia cases amid the coronavirus pandemic has increased by 50% than the previous amount.

Pneumonia outbreak amid coronavirus pandemic

The healthcare workers and multiple family members believe that the rapid rise in the number of cases related to the unknown pneumonia outbreak might be another wave of coronavirus infection. As these new cases are tested negative for COVID-19, the general population of the country is blaming the lower quality of testing material used to diagnose the sample of patients.

The main reason why there is a rapid rise of unknown pneumonia pathogens amid the coronavirus pandemic as the workers who are taking samples are not bothered to do proper sampling and testing of data, and they also don’t want to be in the first place for the infection. It is much easier to change the result of data and statistics as compared to actually fighting the coronavirus infection.

But a statement has been issued to the AFP news agency, and the World Health Organization is satisfied regarding the classification of an increasing number of pneumonia cases in the country as the testing is being done according to the proper guidelines and codes provided by the World Health Organization. But WHO released a statement in which they denied all allegations, saying that they are not yet classified any unknown emerging disease amid the coronavirus pandemic in the region.

As the country is currently suffering from two outbreaks, both coronavirus, and unknown pneumonia,   all international flights have been canceled, and road transportation has also been suspended to prevent further transmission of infection. There is an increased demand for hospital beds, medical workers, and medical emergency supplies in Kazakhstan.

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