United States Hits Record High In Daily COVID-19 Cases

Around 6,000 Cases Were Reported In A Single State In A Single Day

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The United States hits record high in daily COVID-19 cases as more than 4,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases were reported on Thursday. There has been a recent rapid escalation in the number of cases diagnosed with coronavirus, consequently a rapid increase in the number of hospitalized individuals. Due to the appearance of new cases recently, the states of Texas, Arizona, and Florida have paused their process for reopening.

The total number of infected patients diagnosed across the United States is 2,511,784, out of which 126,911 have died after suffering from critical conditions and strict monitoring in Intensive care units. The number of coronavirus patients who were suffering from mild symptoms and were able to recover by having over the counter medications and herbal teas is 1,052,529 all across the United States. In the last few days, United States hits record high in daily COVID-19 cases as the government has removed certain restrictions regarding the nationwide lockdown. These statistics are more than any country across the world.

United States cases amid coronavirus pandemic

To control, the recent rapid surge of coronavirus cases in the United States, the governor of Texas has ordered to close down all bars in the region along with the implementation other several targeted measures on Friday that might help reduce the escalation of coronavirus causes.

As the number of cases being reported daily is due to the increased amount of coronavirus tested being done in the United States, but in certain areas, there has been a rapid surge in the amount of further transmission of COVID-19 infection. Due to these factors, United States hits record high in daily COVID-19 cases.

According to the Health Officials of the United States, the actual number of confirmed coronavirus cases across the country is much higher as compared to the number of official cases being reported. According to the Center for Disease Control and Infection, the coronavirus pandemic could likely affect around 20 million American citizens if the current issue to contain the infection persists. This estimate has been done after the collection of millions of blood samples across the counter for the testing of the presence of antibodies in the bloodstream of the individual.

Due to the recent surge in the hotspots across the country, United States hits record high in daily COVID-19 cases. Most of the patients that are recently diagnosed are young in age, especially in the West and South region of the United States.

Areas most affected by coronavirus pandemic

The state of Texas has been one of the most recent hard-hit states across the country, after which the statistics of the United States hits record high in daily COVID-19 cases. Due to the diagnosis of thousands of people in a single day, the decision to reopen the area has been called off by the local governor. To prevent further transmission of the infection, all bars across the region have been closed down along with order all restoration to reduce their personnel capacity to 50% that might help contain the rapid transmission for the coronavirus outbreak.

There have been a record number of 5,996 individuals diagnosed with coronavirus on Thursday in the state of Texas that lead to this implementation of strict actions. 47 deaths were also recorded on the same day in Texas. To prevent more new cases, the step by step program to reopen all states across the country has been postponed by several governors as United States hits record high in daily COVID-19 cases.

All individuals are being advised to stay safe in their homes, as the epidemic seems to grow out of control of the authorities, and people are not properly following the given guidelines that are required to prevent further transmission and limit the number of new coronavirus cases in the country.

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