‘Unification’ Must Be Fulfilled: Xi Jinping Amid China-Taiwan Tensions

The President’s Remarks Have Been Dismissed by Taiwan, Saying That the Future of The Nation Lies in The Resident’s Hands

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The President of China, Xi Jinping, said that the reunification of China with Taiwan must be fulfilled, as the China-Taiwan tensions in the region continue to heighten over the weeks. President Xi stated that the unification of both regions should be done in a peaceful manner, but has still given a warning that the people of China had a glorious tradition for the past multiple decades of opposition to separatism.

In response to the President’s comment, Taiwan said that the future of its country lies in the hand of its citizens. The region of Taiwan considers itself to be a complete sovereign and independent state of the world, while the view of China considers it to be a province that has broken away.

Although, the usage of military forces to be able to achieve reunification with Taiwan has not yet been ruled out, which has led to increased China-Taiwan tensions in the region.

Reunification of China and Taiwan

The intervention by President Xi Jinping has come after a record number of military fighter jets were sent by the Chinese military into the air defense zone controlled by Taiwan in the past recent few days. According to some of the analysts, these flights could be a sign of a forewarning to the President of Taiwan some times ahead of the national day of the island, which is on Sunday, further aggravating the situation of China-Taiwan tensions.

The defense minister of Taiwan has stated that these China-Taiwan tensions among the nations are at their worst point in the past four decades.

The remarks given by President Xi on Saturday had been more conciliatory as compared to his previous major intervention regarding Taiwan, which occurred in the month of July, during that time he pleaded to crash any of the attempts at the formal independence of Taiwan, which had also sparked the China-Taiwan tensions at that time.

While speaking during at an event which marked the 110th anniversary of the uprising that had helped to overthrow the last imperial dynasty of China in the year 1911, he said that the unification of Taiwan with China is to be done in a completely peaceful manner, as it lies in line with the overall interest of China, along with the compatriots of Taiwan.

He further added that the determined minds, firm willpower, along with resilient ability to guard the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation of the people of China, should not be underestimated by anyone. The historical task for the full unification of the Chinese motherland must be fulfilled on time and will be definitely fulfilled in the upcoming time.

The President of China, Xi Jinping, said that he would want to see the unification between China and Taiwan to occur under the principle of ‘one country, two systems, which is similar to that what is implied in Hong Kong, which is a part belonging to China but has a degree of separate autonomy.

Refusal to reunite by Taiwan

The presidential office of Taiwan has given a public statement amid the China-Taiwan tensions, saying that the opinion of the citizens of Taiwan is very clear in the complete rejection of the principle of one country, two systems. In a fully separate statement, the Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan has called upon China to stop their provocative steps, including the military show of power, of destruction, harassment, and intrusion into the territory controlled by them as it is further increasing the China-Taiwan tensions in the region.

A short time before the press conference by President Xi, the Premier of Taiwan Su Tseng-chang has made a public accusation against China, saying that the mainland is flexing its muscles and further stoking tensions amid both nations.

Despite having an increase in the recent China-Taiwan tensions, the relation between Taiwan and China had not declined to the similar level that was last seen in the year 1996, during that time when China had tried to disrupt the elections for president by conducting missile tests, and the United States had dispatched multiple aircraft carriers to the expanse to try to dissuade them.

Multiple countries in the Western region of the globe had tried to express their concern regarding the display of military by China during the escalated China-Taiwan tensions, while it has been stated by United States President Joe Biden that President Xi had finally agreed to abide by the principles of the Taiwan agreement.

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