UN Security Council Rejected USA Proposal For Extension Of Arms Embargo On Iran

The US Will Continue Pursuing The Deal Without Any Allies

The US Will Continue Pursuing The Deal Without Any Allies

The United Nations Security Council has rejected the proposal by the United States regarding the arms embargo on Iran, which serves as a defeat for America’s deep global isolation towards the country. But this decision might be in favor of the Trump administration, as they might try to inflict a maximum amount of damage on Iran before the Presidential elections in November 2020. Due to the negative conclusion of the United Nations Security Council regarding the extension of the arms embargo on Iran, the United States suffered from an embarrassing diplomatic situation.

United Nations declining and the United States response

For the past several months, the Trump administration officials had given warnings that if the voting decision regarding the extension of the arms embargo on Iran failed due to any number of reasons, the United States government would try to call for a provision built in the nuclear accords from the Obama era, by which they will be able to severely punish any violation made by Iran by re-employing all the previous sanctions that were lifted when the deal took place between both countries.

This could also include not only the prohibition of the arms embargo on Iran, but might also include banking agreements and oil sales. In theory, all the members of the United Nations have to follow these sanctions.

If these provisions are put into effect, the situation would become devastating to Iran, as the country is already struggling with its increasing economic recession made worse with the coronavirus pandemic. Continuously pursuing the deal of arms embargo on Iran would also harm the Trump administration, as the allies of the United States will back down as this legally dubious deal will be destabilizing for the region.

According to the United States ambassador to the United Nations, the country has every right to start a snapback of the deal. In the upcoming days, the US will be following through and stop at nothing to their promise for the extension of the arms embargo on Iran before the presidential elections. This might include that the Trump administration might forcefully sanction a snapback unilaterally, which is without any support from the country’s allies.

The United States continuous efforts of the arms embargo on Iran

The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has criticized the UN Security Council’s refusal of the decision regarding extending the arms embargo on Iran, describing the events that occurred on Friday as inexcusable. While he did not state in clear words that the United States will pursue the option of snapback, he still made it clear that the Trump administration would not give up the issue of the Iranian firearms easily.

Mike Pompeo states that the United States government will ensure that the theocratic terror regime will not have any power or freedom to buy or sell any weaponry which might threaten Middle East, Europe, or other areas across the world.

While the voting decision held on Friday was regarding the time duration of the arms embargo on Iran, the center of the dispute between the United Nations and the United States is a nuclear deal with Iran. The nuclear deal, which was signed in 2015, was regarding the lifting of sanctions on the economy of the country while the Iranian government agrees to completely stop their nuclear program.

This deal was the result of the diplomatic achievement of President Barack Obama and was backed up by some of the US allies, which includes France, Britain, Germany, and some of its strongest opposers, i.e., Russia and China.

When President Donald Trump cane to the Office, he dismantled the deal, saying that he could get a better one. But when the deal was withdrawn, it initiated a diplomatic conflagration, which ultimately accelerated into a war. Since then, the government of Iran has increased its nuclear enrichment limits which have been set by the accords and started launching covert military attacks on the United States, while the US also covertly launched assassination attacks on some of the military leaders of Iran.

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