Ultimatum To WHO Over COVID-19 Handling By Trump

The Health Agency Must Make Major Improvements within 30 Days

The Health Agency Must Make Major Improvements within 30 Days

The United States President Donald Trump has given a warning to the head of the World Health Organization, threatening to cut off their funding from the United States permanently. President Trump has also given an ultimatum to WHO for handling the COVID-19 pandemic across the world.

The letter from Trump containing the ultimatum to WHO to provide improvements over the coronavirus outbreaks across the world under the deadline of 30 days, or else they will lose millions of money in funds from the United States membership.

Across the world, the numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases have significantly increased up to 4,947,841 since the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Mainland China on November 17. The total number of deaths caused by this deadly contagious pathogen has reached to 322,787 individuals.

Even though no antidote has been made yet that could help completely eliminate the infectious microorganism from the bloodstream of the patients, 1,936,718 people were successfully able to recover back to their optimum health level after suffering mild symptoms of the virus.

Demands by President Trump from WHO

United States President Donald Trump has publically criticized the work of the World Health Organization multiple times over their untimely response over the coronavirus pandemic, which could affect more than 60% of the world’s population.

Donald Trump also called the World Health Organization, a puppet of China, along with giving an ultimatum to WHO, even though the United Nation’s healthy body is working on facts. President Trump, who will be facing this year’s re-elections in the USA, had previously put all the blame regarding the spread of a coronavirus pandemic on China along with covering up the outbreak when it first appeared in mainland China.

The Chinese foreign minister implied that Trump was trying to shift the blame on China when the country is incapable of making a competent response against a growing outbreak. The United States has become the topmost country affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as the viral pathogen has caused 1,558,440 individuals to be infected since February.

The ultimatum to WHO from President Trump has come at a very pressurized time for the organization, as the healthy body will be undergoing an independent evaluation over their handling response on coronavirus outbreak across the world.

Letter from President Trump

The letter from US President Trump was posted on twitter, which contains an ultimatum to WHO along with 30-day deadline to become capable of resolving the growing issue of COVID-19. The accusation from Health Secretary Alex Azar states that World Health Organization let the coronavirus outbreak become out of control, costing thousands of lives across the world.

Along with providing an ultimatum to WHO, Trump has made multiple accusations and charges against the agency that the healthy body has routinely disregarded the reliable information regarding the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China in the beginning of December last year.

The letter also includes reference reports, which indicate that the World Health Organization has delayed declaration of emergency across the world due to coronavirus spread under duress from President Xi Jinping. According to President Trump, China lacked transparency along with a lack of international collaboration during coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump holds Dr. Tedros responsible for the repeated miscalculations on his behalf during the COVID-19 rapid spread, which has been extremely costly for the general population across the world. Trump wants the World Health Organization to become independent of China if the agency wants to work towards the betterment of the globe.

The ultimatum to WHO over handling COVID-19 by President Trump includes a commitment to massive essential developments within the time duration of 30 days, without simplifying with it portrays.

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