UK Suspended Competition Law Temporarily Due to Fuel Shortage

Shortage in the Number of HGV Drivers Across the United Kingdom Is Likely to Cause Disruption in Deliveries till Christmas

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The government of the United Kingdom is going to suspend the competition law to allow the oil firm across the country to target the fuel deliveries at the petrol stations following the recent panic buying. According to the statement by the officials, the move regarding the competition law suspension would allow the companies to share the information along with prioritizing the parts of the nation that have the highest requirement due to fuel shortage.

This has followed after several days of long queues at the gas stations, after widespread fears of disruption to the supply of fuel that has sparked a nationwide panic buying by the general population of the region. But it has been stated by a minister that no plans have yet been made to bring forward the Army to drive the tankers towards their destination to cope with the ongoing fuel shortage.

Panic buying

The government of the United Kingdom has been considering utilizing the Army, but after the statement given by Environment Secretary George Eustice that the driver shortage in the region is not a big problem. The main reason the country is unable to gain petrol on the forecourts is due to the fact that the general population is currently buying large quantities of petrol when they do not require it.

The situation of fuel shortage is likely to calm down once the people that have gotten anxious have filled up their vehicles.

A warning has been issued by the Petrol Retailers Association that about two-thirds of its memberships, which is nearly about 5,500 independent outlets, are currently out of fuel, while the rest of the outlets are too soon suffer from fuel shortage. The entire United Kingdom has a total number of more than 8,000 petrol stations.

It has been publicly announced that the measure for the exemption of the entire oil industry from the Competition Act 1998, the Business Secretary has stated that the government of United Kingdom had a contingency plan for a long time to maintain the supplies of fuel in case of a sudden onset of fuel shortage.

He also said that allowing the oil industry to share the information would mean that the firms could be able to work alongside each other, which would provide further efficiency and minimize possible disruptions in the process.

The government was able to relax the competition law in the month of March last year to help the nationwide supermarkets to work together, allowing the maintenance of an adequate supply of food for the general population.

Shortage of HGV drivers

The shortage in the number of drivers for heavy goods vehicles has caused multiple problems in a wide range of industries across the United Kingdom in the past recent few months, from food supplies at supermarkets to fast-food chains. In the previous recent couple of days, some regions are affected with fuel shortage due to delay in deliveries, which had lead towards panic buying by the general population and lengthy queues at some of the petrol stations in the country.

In a joint statement that has been given by fuel companies including Greenergy, ExxonMobil, and Shell, the oil industry reiterated that the pressure on fuel supply had been caused by a temporary spike in the demand of consumers and was not related to a nationwide fuel shortage.

The chairman of PRA, Brian Madderson, said that the fuel shortage was majorly due to panic buying by anxious people, while the oil firms have a top priority of keeping the service station pumps on the motorway topped up.

In some of the urban areas of Britain, multiple pumps have been reported to have completely run out of fuel, while the region of Northern Ireland is currently completely unaffected by any kind of fuel shortage.

To tackle the issue of fuel shortage in the United Kingdom, the filling stations are currently being restocked, but due to the reduced number of deliveries, the restoration of normal levels of fuel would take some time.

On Saturday, it was announced by the government of Britain that they would be offering temporary visas, which would last till Christmas Eve, to about 5,000 foreign food and fuel truck drivers along with 5,500 poultry workers in a bid to limit the amount of disruption that would build up till Christmas.

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