UK Recognizes Covishield After India Outcry

Covishield Has Become the Most Widely Administered Coronavirus Vaccine Across India

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The government of the United Kingdom has made certain amendments in their guidance for foreign travel to clarify that the Covishield vaccine, which is the Indian version of the internationally administered AstraZeneca vaccine, has been approved by travelers. Although it has not been made clear yet regarding the individuals that are traveling from India are allowed to enter the United Kingdom without the 10 days period of self-isolation.

New rules by the UK government

The refusal of the United Kingdom in recognition of Covishield has recently triggered a massive outcry from protestors present in India. So far, more than 271 million doses have been administered to the residents of India, through which Covishield has not become the most widely administered vaccine in all of India.

On Tuesday, the Indian protestors have described the guidelines given by the United Kingdom as discriminatory and have asked them to stop the regulation regarding self-isolation for fully vaccinated Indian travelers on arrival into the region.

At the current time, India has not been included in the list of countries where the citizens are recognized to be fully vaccinated against the deadly viral infection of the COVID-19 virus, even if the Indians have been administered with both doses of the vaccine that has been approved by the United Kingdom.

Due to this rule, all Indians on arrival into Britain have to follow through with a mandatory self-isolation period of 10 days, along with a COVID-19 diagnostic test, after which they are allowed to travel throughout the region freely, as most of which have been administered with Covishield vaccine.

Discriminatory actions

In the previous week, it has been announced by the United Kingdom that new regulations that are scheduled to come into effect from October 4, which would be mandating all travelers from some specified countries that are arriving in England would not have to go through the self-isolation period if they are confirmed to be fully vaccinated against the viral disease. India has not been included in the list as most of the Indians have been vaccinated with Covishield.

Some of the prominent Indian citizens have called this move highly discriminatory against Indians, along with being asinine and racist, among many others. The foreign Minister of India has taken the matter of recognition of the Covishield vaccine and self-isolation of Indians strongly with his counterpart in the United Kingdom, according to the report given by the foreign secretary of India.

He said that the policy implemented by the government of the United Kingdom is discriminatory and has no impact on the travelers arriving in Britain. He also has given a public warning to the United Kingdom that if they did not address the concerns of India, the Indian government is likely to take reciprocal measures in response.

Such measures would generally include the implementation of similar kinds of restrictions on those individuals that are arriving from the United Kingdom. The travelers of Britain coming to India are usually thermally scanned for having fever on arrival, along with providing a negative test for COVID-19 infection. All these travelers do not require to undergo a self-isolation period on arrival.

Shashi Tharoor, who is an Indian author along with the MP of Congress party, stated that he has decided to cancel his scheduled tour for his participation in a debate which is to occur at the Cambridge University, along with his promotion of a new book, to protest against the recent move by the United Kingdom, which is majorly being labeled as an act of discrimination against Indians and promotes racism.

It is widely being protested that Covishield should be accepted as a viable vaccine, and individuals that have been fully vaccinated with this should be allowed to enter into Britain without any self-isolation. The act of the British government is deeply offensive, as the UK government is allowing travelers from other countries that have been administered the same vaccine to be exempted from the self-quarantine period.

It has been reported that around 25% of the general population of India has been completely vaccinated up till now, in which an estimated amount of 150 million individuals have received the Covishield vaccine.

The biggest manufacturing firm of the vaccine in the world, the Serum Institute in India, which is producing vaccine jab under the license provided from AstraZeneca, has been able to supply millions of vaccine doses to several countries located in Asia, Latin America, and Africa under an agreement that has been signed with multiple governments as a part of the global initiative of covax scheme that has been designed by the United Nations for underdeveloped countries.

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