UAE Sent Its First Mission To Mars

Hope Probe Is Set To Return Back On 50th Anniversary Of UAE

Hope Probe Is Set To Return Back On 50th Anniversary Of UAE

The United Arab Emirates was able to successfully launch its first probe mission to Mars, called Hope. The Hope probe was located on an H2-A rocket that was from the Tanegshima spaceport. This launch will be able to cover more than 500 million kilometers of the area during which the plan is to study the climate and weather changes in the area traveled. UAE sent its first mission to Mars amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the adverse weather changes in Japan, the launch of the Hope probe has been called off twice but was able to successfully launch the probe today. UAE sent its first mission to Mars, which is set to return back to earth in February 2021, and the timing is set to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the formation of the United Arab Emirates.

Hope probe launched by the UAE

The science lead on the Hope project, Sarah Al Amiri was relieved and excited watching the rocket, stating that this event is the same sort of exciting for the general population of their country when the Americans watched to the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon which occurred 51 years ago but on the same day. UAE sent its first mission to Mars, which sets an example for the entire generation to push forward and dream bigger.

UAE sent its first mission to Mars, which is one of the three missions to be launched to travel to Mars this month. China and the United States have both prepared surface rovers that are in their last stage of manufacture. The American Perseverance mission tweeted to send their congratulations to Hope.

This is the first time the United Arab Emirates have launched any missions into space as the country only has limited resources and experience in manufacturing and designing of spacecraft, but were still able to make the probe that is on the same level with India, Russia and United States are able to do it successfully.

In the time duration of six years, the UAE engineers, who were mentored by experts from the USA, were able to produce a sophisticated probe. UAE sent its first mission to Mars, which will provide fresh insights regarding the workings of the atmosphere of the planet. This will provide the reasons that will help mankind in understanding a large amount of water present and the low quantity of air present on Mars.

UAE sent its first mission to Mars, called the Hope probe, which will provide inspiration and attract young individuals across the Arab region to pursue this field in their future. This project also helps the country reduce its focus on the dependence on oil and gas production to increase its economy.

This recent launch of the Hope probe on a rocket by the United Arab Emirates has only passed the first fifty percent of success, as most of the missions that have been sent to Mars from across the world have ended in failure. This mission is a research and development bases mission, in which the chance of failure is an option.

Management of UAE for Hope mission

The government of the United Arab Emirates was not able to endorse money to the department for them to buy a fully developed spacecraft from a foreign company, due to which the team of researchers had the build the whole satellite by themselves. This project requires the working staff to partner with the American universities that offer courses in space sciences.

UAE sent its first mission to Mars, after which the country is able to launch another space exploration mission on their own. The Hope probe is on its track data that will help study regarding the emergency movements in the atmosphere of Mars at all times and seasons throughout the year.

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