Two Charged With Terror Offenses As They Were Trying To Spread COVID 19

False Claims Have Been Made By Both Convicts to Increase Panic

We Must Be Careful Before Spreading Terror of COVID 19

In the United States, two charged with terror offenses by the police department as they were intentionally trying to spread COVID 19 in the surrounding area. The novel coronavirus or COVID 19 is an upper respiratory disease with main symptoms, including fever, fatigue, and dry cough. In some cases, loss of smell and taste has also been reported.

 COVID 19 has now been classified under potential biological agents in the United States, so those individuals who are threatening to further spread COVID 19 into the surrounding environment will be charged with terrorism. There have been reports regarding two charged with terror offenses during the COVID 19 pandemic, and they claimed of doing the offense intentionally.

First case of terrorism in the United States

The first case out of two charged with terror offenses occurred in the state of Florida on March 27, when James Jamal Curry, aged 31, intentionally coughed on a police officer’s arm while he was being arrested on the charges of domestic violence during which he confessed of having COVID 19.

 He was released the next day out of prison after posting a bond, but under strict court orders to stay away from the victim. Later that day, he was called for allegedly violating the court terms for which he was taken under arrest for the second time during which he violently resisted and spat on a female sergeant twice.

James Curry, one of the two charged with terror offenses in the US, has traces of blood in his saliva, and he continually shouted that he has been infected by the COVID 19 infection. Later he was tested for the virus, and his blood reports came back negative. Due to the crimes of perpetrating a hoax of the biological agent, he will be charged with a maximum time of five years

Second convict out of two charged with terror offenses in America

The second case out of the two charged with terror offenses occurred in the city of Texas, Nevada, which involves a 39 year old male with a similar case as the previous one. Christopher Perez falsely posted on Facebook that he paid someone to spread COVID 19 infection inside a local supermarket to stop the people from visiting the place. This threat was later found out after FBI investigation to be false and has been charged with spreading terrorism in the area.

Department of Justice’s action against COVID 19

All US prosecutors have been strictly instructed to charge all individuals under terrorism laws who are allegedly increasing the spread of COVID 19 in the area. It is now believed that COVID 19 has the potential to be used in the country as a weapon for bioterrorism as multiple threats have been previously made to use coronavirus as a weapon, including two charged with terror offenses in the last two weeks.

This has been put into place due to the increasing number of infected individuals who have been confirmed with COVID 19. More than 476, 000 people have been diagnosed with having COVID 19 in their bloodstream in the time period of 6 weeks, out of which 17, 055 have already died after experiencing severe symptoms of the infection and being under critical care at the hospital.

No confirmed antidote has been discovered yet to combat with the virus, but some unproven autoimmune drugs are allowed by President Trump to be prescribed under life-threatening conditions due to the effects of COVID 19 that might help save the life of the individual, but these drugs have the tendency to permanently damage the vision and brain of the person along with severe anxiety, depression, hallucinations, and suicidal capacities. 

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