Twitter And Facebook Restricted Trump Accounts For Harmful Virus Claim

US President Claims That Children Are Not Affected By COVID-19

US President Claims That Children Are Not Affected By COVID-19

Both Facebook and Twitter have restricted Trump accounts on their social media platforms after United States President Donald Trump has claimed that the children across the world are almost immune to the coronavirus pandemic that has infected more than 19,026,713 individuals globally, out of which 712,212 has died after suffering from severe consequences of the infection. By using over the counter medications and antibiotics usually prescribed for viral infections, the healthcare workers across the world were successfully able to recover 12,210,507 infected coronavirus patients who were suffering from mild to moderate symptoms. The activities, which lead to restricted Trump accounts on social media, have been reverted, removing the temporary blockage of account.

Temporary restriction of Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts

Facebook has deleted the post by President Trump, which shows a short clip from an interview given to Fox News by Donald Trump, saying that the interview contains harmful misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Following this, Twitter has also temporarily restricted Trump accounts on their platform, until the tweet of the same clip posted on Facebook is removed from the account. The United States Public health has made clear to the general population of the country that children do not have any immunity again the deadly coronavirus infection.

A spokesperson from Facebook has clearly stated that the video recently posted by President Trump contains false claims regarding children’s immunity against COVID-19 infection is in clear violations against Facebooks’s policies on misinformation and harmful effects regarding coronavirus. Renowned social media platforms have restricted Trump accounts as he has done activities that were against their policies, due to which, for the first time, a counteraction has been taken. This is not the first time when President Trump has been penalized over the content posted on his page.

Restricted Trump account on Twitter is in direct violation of the company’s policy of posting tweets. The owner of the accounts required to delete the tweet before the account is re-enabled to tweet again, due to which the tweet, which was in breach of the privacy policy, was later removed.  Twitter has also temporarily frozen the account of Donald Jr, Trump’s son for sharing a clip that has promoted wrong and misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and its possible vaccine hydroxychloroquine. Twitter had also stated that Elon Musk did not break any rules when he similarly posted a tweet that also contained that children are essentially immune to the coronavirus infection.

Trump’s interview on Television

On the Wednesday episode of the morning show on Fox and Friends, President Trump has repeatedly argued that all schools across the country should be reopened by now. He also said on national television that children across the world are almost immune to the viral COVID-19 infection, which has resulted in restricted Trump accounts from major social media platforms.

According to Trump, the immune system in children is much stronger as compared with older adults. The coronavirus pandemic will go away from the world, just like previously things have got away. Donald Trump thought that this might help him in his re-election campaign in the upcoming presidential elections 2020.

Children are more likely to catch the viral infection and help in further transmission of the disease, but they have a reduced chance of becoming severely ill with the infection. On the other hand, adults are more prone to getting more complications that are serious from the viral disease, which might escalate and become a life-threatening condition. According to a large-scale study done by numerous hospitals in the United States, it has been found that the total number of cases reported in the country only contains 0.8% of individuals under the age of 19.

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