Turks to Boycott French Goods amid Islam Row

European Leaders Are In Solidarity with France While Muslim Countries Support Turkey

European Leaders Are In Solidarity with France While Muslim Countries Support Turkey

The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has called the entire nation to stand beside him to boycott French goods amid a row over France’s stance on radical Islam. During a press conference, he advised all leaders across the world to protect the Muslims who are currently residing in France if any despicable act of oppression is taken by the French government against those Muslims.

Blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

Turkish President also expressed his criticism against the President of France Emmanuel Macron angrily as he has taken a pledge to defend the secularism of the country against radical Islam. The move against President Macron, along with the boycott of French goods have come after a teacher in France was murdered for showing cartoons made over Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

Samuel Paty was the teacher that publicized cartoons that are in direct violation and considered blasphemy in Islam. Due to this immature act, a 16-year-old Muslim named Abdullah Anzorov decapitated Mr. Paty on October 16 outside the limit of the city of Paris. The cartoon images were shown by Samuel to his class student while they were discussing the topic of freedom of speech. The French President paid tribute to the school teacher and clearly stated that he would not stop or give up the blasphemous cartoon content.

Any depiction of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in the religion of Islam is considered as a blasphemy, taboo, and offense of the highest degree. On the other hand, the state secularism is the center point of the national identity of France. According to the state, sidelining the freedom of speech in the country to protect the thoughts and feelings of a particular group or community compromises the unity of the country.

Reason behind Turkey-France dispute

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has called the entire nation to boycott French goods that are sold in Turkey in an attempt to discredit and fight against the country for the blasphemous act against Prophet Mohammad (SAW). He stated that the Muslim community across the world could be subjected to a similar campaign which has been previously initiated against the Jewish community before the start of World War II.

He also added that other European leaders should provide their opinion and advise French President Macron to end the hate promotion against the Muslims peacefully residing across France. To counter this attack, Muslim communities in various parts of the world are to boycott French goods.

In the past few days, President Erdogan said that the French President requires a much needed mental health checkup for forcefully speaking of the religion of Islam along with boycott French goods. These comments annoyed France due to which they immediately called their Turkish ambassador back to their country for some private consultation. This was after Emmanuel Macron took a pledge to defend the state secularism and deal with the radical Islam in France after the beheading of Samuel Paty.

The nation of France has the largest population of Muslims residing in the country across Western Europe and would affect the economy of the country if they all boycott French goods usage. The French government has been accused on multiple occasions of using state secularism as an excuse to target the Muslim community located in the country.

World’s reaction against France

Multiple leaders of European countries have voiced their opinions in favor of the acts and measures taken by France against the Muslim community. Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy are in complete support and solidarity with the French President. After the blasphemous act in opposition to the Prophet Mohammad (SAW), several other Muslim countries stand with the Turkish President.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has accused President Macron of directly attacking the religion of Islam. To show support with President Erdogan, Qatar, Jordan, and Kuwait have removed and boycott French goods in multiple supermarkets and shops.

Along with boycott French goods, protests are also being held in the Muslim world like Syria, Libya, Iraq, Bangladesh and many other countries against French president.

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