Turkish President Visit Pakistan 2020

Military and Economic Plans and Western Reservations

Military and Economic Plans and Western Reservations

Tayab Erdogan Turkish President Visit Pakistan 2020 starts today to attend a high-level strategic cooperation council. It is his second visit to partisan as a President. The principal aim of this historical visit is to discuss business and military plans with Pakistan. Ministers, private sector businesspersons, and top officials will be attending this high-level meeting. Turkish President will hold talks with business leaders in terms of several economic sectors.

For Instance, education, technology, trade, investment, infrastructure, and healthcare are the main points to discuss in this recent tour. Latterly, textile exports to turkey have been declined due to the increased tax rate. Now, Pakistan is hopeful of holding talks with the Turkish President to have access to Turkish textile markets. So far, discussions are not result-oriented. Though, hope rises again regarding this recent visit.

Apart from the economic and military surge with the Turkish President Visit Pakistan 2020, western countries, especially the United States, have some concerns. Both Muslim countries are moving forward to build a strategic relationship. Yet, it is not the interest of western counties, as far as Turkey’s relationship with those countries is concerned. The Turkish leader intends to envision political Islam and maintain a relationship with Pakistan and many other Islamic countries. Nevertheless, it is deeply hostile to the United States and many other western countries.

Tayab Erdogan Turkish President Visit Pakistan 2020 highlights the agenda, and holding talks concerning military plans is a key to secure the future of both countries. Increasing international escalations is a significant threat, and leaders from both countries are aware of it.

The primary concern that western countries have over this visit is the progressive military approach by both countries. Western countries do not like how the Turkish and Pakistan army has adopted the Islamic fundamentalism. Of course, both countries have their traditions to develop, train, and idealize the military, and it completely contradicts western intentions, as far as threats of global terrorism are concerned. Hence, the alliance of the two most potent armies seems unfavorable for western countries.

Turkish President Visit Pakistan 2020 and Western so-called Concerns

On the other hand, Pakistan, being a developing country, is looking to adopt legal and social reforms, resembling Turkey, to build the foundation of contemporary Islamic society. Historically, Pakistan was accused of being a terrorist hub by the United States and many other countries. Still, Turkey remains a friendly outpost for Hamas, a terror organization since 2007. Consequently, if both countries are reshaping military plans, it may raise questions on the credibility of fighting against terrorism. This visit is against western countries because it is beyond their expectations.

Turkish President Visit Pakistan 2020 depicts short-term thinking according to the United States, and it is unacceptable. It may compel the United States to draw some boundaries for him. The relationship between Turkey and the United States will be in jeopardy if Turkey crosses lines. Pakistan also has some obligations to maintain relations with the United States in other countries. Promptly, western regions cannot allow Turkey to become Pakistan, despite efforts to mitigate global security risks.

The United States has imposed tough sanctions on Turkey last August, which may lead to a massive economic downturn. Therefore, the recent visit is imperative to stimulate associations and adopt an antagonistic approach to strengthen the economy. For western countries, Turkey is an ally, and it is not behaving like an ally. These severe concerns may result in more sanctions on both Turkey and Pakistan.

Nonetheless, both counties seem patterned in aching what they want to accomplish in the long run. Turkish President knows his relationship as an ally is in jeopardy, and preserving the relationship with other countries is a valid path to grasp military and economic future. Consequently, all eyes are on President Tayab Erdogan, and hopefully, it ends well.

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