Turkey A Libya Kingmaker

Khalifa Hifter Sponsors Are Trying To Negotiate After Turkish Attacks

Khalifa Hifter Sponsors Are Trying To Negotiate After Turkish Attacks

The Middle East is currently suffering from the biggest proxy war, endangering the lives of millions of people. There has been a series of victories for the Turkish armed forces that fought against the Khalifa Hifter and his troops in Western Libya. Turkey a Libya kingmaker is playing a decisive role in the battle for power in the region.

Libyan Civil War

The Libyan troops, well-armed by Turkish firearms, were able to capture a major aviation field on Monday, which is situated on the west of Tripoli. The troops, along with Turkish drones, were able to provide extensive damage to the area, including the recently arrived Russian air defense batteries. The Turkish backed forces were also able to eradicate a key town situated south of Tripoli from the oppressive forces of Khalifa Hifter.

The marking Turkey a Libya Kingmaker marked a remarkable turn of events for the government of Tripoli, which has the support of the United Nations. The area has been under tyranny and maltreatment, besieged by Khalifa Hifter’s forces until the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan sent multiple troops of armed forces along with drones in January.

This is the most intensive intervention of the Turkish government in the oil-rich region of North Africa and West Asia since the termination of the Ottoman Empire over 100 years ago. The advent of Turkey a Libya kingmaker has proved to be a turnover event for the general population of the region.

It has been more than a year since Khalifa Hifter and his forces have captured the area of Tripoli, having the upper hand in the crisis since its beginning. The oppression role was assisted and supported by multiple foreign sponsors, including Russia, who played a major role in setting a destructive future for Libya.

Countries in association with oppressing forces

On Wednesday, the loyal forces of Tripoli government paraded through the central area of Libya, proudly showing a seized air defense system manufactured in Russia. The financing of the captured defense system was done by the United Arab Emirates. The pointed a direct finger to some of the most influential backers of Khalifa Hifter and his troops.

The armed troops of Khalifa Hifter that had besieged the area of Asaba, 60 miles away from Tripoli, were also driven outside, making Turkey a Libya Kingmaker.  Even though the events of the past few days mark a promising victory for Libya, this does not make them conclusive. The future of the Libyan conflict has been non-decisive since the end of the dictatorship of Colonel Muhammad el-Qaddafi in 2011.

Counter strike by Khalifa Hifter in Libya

The conflict of Libya is turning onto a full state of war as there has been an escalation in the number of fights, a massive supply of firearms, warplanes, and armed troops in this week. After suffering defeat in the capital of Libya, Khalifa Hifter has vowed to strike back with the biggest aerial attack in the history of Libya. All Turkish outposts have been classified as legitimate targets for the aerial force by Khalifa Hifter after making of Turkey a Libya Kingmaker.

Some of the sponsors of Khalifa Hifter include Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, as they have been providing backup to Hifter for the last 14 months, resulting in the displacement and killing of more than 400,000 individuals.

It has been recorded that eight Russian soviet era aircraft along with two latest models of fighter jets have landed in Libya from Syria in support of Hifter. The troops that play a major role in the advancement of forces towards Tripoli have tied connections with a private mercenary group in Russia, which has been closely linked with the Kremlin.

After making of turkey a Libya Kingmaker, the providence of warplanes might be a signal for the Turkish armed forces to reduce the offensive attacks and try to end the issue with a negotiation solution.

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